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Ess Dee Nutek Infinities
installs fresh set of printers

Continuing its constant deliveries of Nutek printers to the PSPs based in far and near corners of the country, Ess Dee Nutek Infinities Pvt Ltd has installed a new line of Nutek printers in various signage players in different cities and towns. As per the regional zones they belong, the companies whose production facilities have been boosted up with the adoptions of new Nutek printers are listed below:

North: Versatile Arts, Rithala, Delhi (Nutek Fortunjet 2512-4); Jagdamba Enterprises, Ludhiana (Nutek Fortunjet 2512-4); Kalakriti Art, Ludhiana (Nutek Innovajet 3204–Nova 256); Tajuddin Khan, Allahabad (Nutek Multijet (E) IV 3208); Geeta Card, Dhanbad (Nutek Multijet (E) IV 3208); Designer Advertisers, Jammu (Nutek Multijet (E) IV 3208– 3rd installation); Double Kay Advertiser, Punjab (Nutek Multijet (E) IV 3208); Jeet Advertising, Mohali (Nutek Multijet (E) IV 3212); Anupam The Incomparable, Ranchi (Nutek Multijet (E) IV 3212); Shreya Enterprises, Katihar, Bihar (Nutek Multijet (E) IV 3208); Pratibha Advertising Pvt Ltd, Bihar (Nutek Multijet V 3204 – 2nd installation); Bombay Motores, Jharkhand (Nutek Prime 3208); Guru Kripa, Delhi (Nutek Prime 3212); MS Enterprises, Okhla, Delhi (Nutek Prime 3208); and Tilak Raj Arora, Delhi (Nutek Eco Jet 1801).

South: Rang Digital, Manchirail, AP (Nutek Innovajet); Abhaya Digital, Karimnagar, AP (Nutek Innovajet); Esawar Digitals, Vijayawada (Nutek Innovajet 3204 – Nova 256); and Shri Digital, Tirupur (Nutek Innovajet 3204–Nova 256).

East: Maya Flex Solution, Siliguri (Nutek Innovajet 3204 – Nova 256); Lipika, Kolkata (Nutek Multijet (E) IV 3208; Design Write, Siliguri (Nutek Multijet (E) IV 3212); SM Flex Point, Siliguri (Nutek Multijet (E) IV 3208); Raju Acharjee, Guwahati (Nutek Multijet V 3208); KB Offset, Assam (Nutek Prime 3208); and Rajesh Offset, Meghalaya (Nutek Prime 3208); Mahabir Flex, Siliguri (Nutek Prime 3208).

West: Kari Arts & Graphics, Bhiwandi, Maharashtra (Nutek Innovajet 3204–Nova 256); Kore, Dombivali, Maharashtra (Nutek Multijet (E) IV 3208); SS Consultancy, Narayan Talra (W) (Nutek Multijet (E) IV 3208); Ramesh Bhai Zaver Bhai Solonldi, Surat (Nutek Multijet (E) IV 3208); Shashikant Bhoyar, Bhandara, Mumbai (Nutek Multijet (E) IV 3208); Dilip Namdev Patil, Bhiwandi, Maharashtra (Nutek Multijet (E) IV 3208); Jyoti Dinesh Yerawar, Chandrapur, Maharashtra (Nutek Multijet (E) IV 3208); Shri Balaji Graphics, Chandrapur (Nutek Multijet (E) IV 3208 – 4th installation); Bansari Graphics, Jamnagar (Nutek Multijet (E) IV 3208 – 3rd installation); Passion Digital, Ulhasnagar (Nutek Multijet (E) IV 3208); Ganesh Dashrath, Pune (Nutek Multijet (E) IV 3212) and Nutek Multijet (E) IV 3208); Devidas Lakhu Mhatre, Raigad, Maharashtra (Nutek Prime 3212); Aham Digital, Aurangabad, Maharashtra (Nutek Prime 3208); Atharv Digital, Aurangabad (Nutek Prime 3208); and Nutek Digital, Beed, Maharashtra (Nutek Prime 3208).

Centre: Ankit Screen, Korba, Chhattisgarh (Nutek Multijet (E) IV 3208); Daneliya Offset and Flex Printers, Morena, MP (Nutek Prime 3212); and Dheeraj Singh, Bhind, MP (Nutek Prime 3208).

Landmark deliveries from Mehta CAD CAM

Including with its exclusive range of Gongzheng printers as well as the Gungdaly CNC routers, Mehta Cad Cam Systems Pvt Ltd has enhanced the production facilities of a new set of companies located in different parts of the country. The companies whose machine portfolios have been updated following the adoptions of new printers and CNC routers are listed as below.

Gongzheng solvent printers: Creative Number Plate, Gujarat; Trimurti Printers, Karnataka; Onwards Digital Art, Madhya Pradesh; Mayank Digital Signage, Gujarat; Special Effects, Goa; Sharma Art, Gujarat; Ink N Craft, Gujarat; Akshar Digital Sign, Gujarat; Param Decor & Graphics, Gujarat; Maruti Dham Graphics Flex Banner, Gujarat; Apple Graphics, Maharashtra; MS Malik, Gujarat; VM Infotech, Maharashtra; Color Plus, Orissa; Barla Art, Maharashtra; Stylo Graphics, Gujarat; Login Internet Café, Maharashtra; Ad Point, Maharashtra; Vipulbhai Babubhai Zulasna, Gujarat; and Sainath Digital, Andhra Pradesh (with Spectra Polaris printheads).

Gungdaly CNC routers: Dhanlakshmi Traders, Maharashtra; Kushal Laser Art, Maharashtra; SN Enterprise, Rajasthan; Manish Soni, Chhatisgarh; Singh Enterprises, Jharkhand; Glow Tech Sign & Displays, Maharashtra; Ranys Graphics, Kerala; Good Day, Kerala; Tulsi Creations, Maharashtra; Ajanta Neon, Madhya Pradesh; Arvin Industries, Maharashtra; Royal Doors, Tamil Nadu; CR Badigere/SP Badigere, Karnataka; Deepak Art, Maharashtra; SV Enterprise, Maharashtra; and Vishal Toys, Maharashtra.

Arihant Digi Prints, Mumbai installs
first Jetrix printer in India

Facility of Mumbai-based Arihant Digi Prints has marked India’s first Jetrix 2013 FRQ printer, which is equipped with a real flatbed and dedicated roll-to-roll with the highest specification in a UV printer, using user-friendly functions, very low maintenance and the highest print quality. This printer from Arrow Digital Pvt Ltd is considerably a perfect solution for indoor/outdoor and industrial applications. Jetrix UV curable printers are ‘simple but perfect’ using the latest Dimatix/Spectra Q Class 10 pl Versa drop print engine. Also, the printer is featured with a variety of options, such as four colour, eight colours, using white, UV varnish or UV primer for special materials including glass, steel, aluminum, laminate, MDF, ply, etc.

Mitesh and Sunil of Arihant Digi Prints said, “It’s really nice to multiple options in one printer and we really feel proud to be the first company to install such high-end printer to penetrate some of the industrial applications where we have had difficult time with other UV printers and at the same time able to print excellent high resolution graphics of the Jetrix.” They added that Jetrix 2013 FRQ will help in their ever growing graphics jobs in business, especially the easy to use three layer printing for backlit and translite.

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Arrow Digital delivers first
Polytype Virtu to Reshim Commercial, Mumbai

Installation of the first Polytype Virtu RS 35 to Reshim Commercial Pvt Ltd, Mumbai has marked a landmark delivery of the high-end printer from Arrow Digital. Virtu series by Swiss company Polytype Group are tri-brid printers with roll-to-roll, fixed-bed (true flatbed) and moving belt flatbed in one. With thoroughness and perfection, unrivaled versatility and flexibility, Virtu offers changes of style at the touch of a button, direct implementation of the most diverse designs and immediate availability of the printed substrates. This versatile printer prints with 4-6 colours plus white and with a resolution of up to 1,200 dpi.

High resolution graphics available at blazing speeds of up to 3,000 sq ft/hr, Virtu prints on virtually any material, with an open ink system designed to work for a wide range of applications, adhesive foils, textiles, or vinyl to large-sheet materials such as Dibond, metal or wood. According to Arrow Digital, speed, size and quality are the main features of Virtu and the company (distributor) is very fortunate to have all these in one printer. It prints on any material, roll or board form. The gantry sails across the media powered by the magnets in a powerful, effortless sweep. It has no belts to stretch and deteriorate. An encoder wheel sits on the media measuring any difference between the travel of the gantry and that of the media, with any needed adjustments being automatically applied.

The latest feature of Virtu that impresses customers is the multiple vacuum zones that allow very accurate positioning and control of different types and sizes of media.

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EFI & Mehta Cad cam install
three Rastek UV printers

EFI and Mehta Cad Cam Systems Pvt Ltd have delivered Rastek UV flatbed printers to three PSPs located in different cities. The signage majors which adopted the high-end EFI printers are Prudhvi’s Print World, Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh (EFI Rastek UV H 650+W); Guru Kripa Industries, New Delhi (EFI Rastek UV H 652+W); and Rajan Glass & Aluminum House, Jaipur (EFI Rastek UV H 650+W).

Apsara Graphics, Mumbai
adopts Scorpion Inno printer

Supplied by SMK Digital Printing Solutions, a brand new Scorpion Inno printer has recently been installed at the production facility of Mumbai-based Apsara Graphics. The printer is designed with specific features including back-to-back printing technology running at the speed of 140 sq m/hr to produce 1440 x 847 dpi image resolution. Adoption of the Scorpion Inno at its facility has enhanced Apsara Graphics’ overall quality in production as well as volume of outputs.