Zünd releases Press Cutting Tool for corrugated cardboard


With the addition of the new Press Cutting Tool – PCT, Zünd expands its range tools for processing corrugated cardboard, offering greater stability and faster processing. What sets this new cutting tool apart is both performance and cut quality. In contrast to the oscillating tool and the vertical forces exerted on the material, the PCT offers much greater stability. This enables both faster processing speeds and clean, precise cut edges. This newly launched PCT is equipped with a convex glide shoe that compresses the material during the cutting process, which produces a pillowing effect along the cut lines. The resulting edge quality equals that of conventional die-cutting. Suitable for corrugated cardboard up to a maximum thickness of 7mm without running the risk of tearing or puncturing the linerboard, the PCT is also capable of flawlessly cutting very fine detail, including radii as small as 3 mm, with the new Z104 drag knife recommended for this purpose.