Unique Sign Innovations’ faster YASELAN fabric monster


Operating out of Chennai as one-stop distributor of YASELAN and other leading brands in India, Unique Sign Innovations keeps introducing upgraded machines and materials. Unleashed latest from the company is a new YASELAN KT-S200, a high-speed fabric printer with advanced features.

YASELAN KT-S200, equipped with EPSON i3200 printhead plate staggered in three rows, supports faster printing, using Japanese THK mute linear rail to make the printing more stable. “The world of fabric printing, whether it’s evolving soft signage, wearable fabrics, flags or many others, has undergone remarkable transformation with constant introductions of latest and upgraded machines and technologies,” says Mohammed Ali, Managing Director, Unique Sign Innovations.

He adds, “Constant transformations in fabric printing technology in the current market is characterised by the relentless innovations and technical advancements. Responding to this trend and tradition in fabric printing, we unleash this new YASELAN KT-S200, a machine designed to reshape how we think about new textures for different applications as per the demands emerging from the diverse market segments.”

Capable to operate in varied speed modes, YASELAN KT-S200 can run at the speed of 110sqm/hr (two-pass in high-speed mode), 90sqm/hr (three-pass in production mode), and 60sqm/hr (four-pass in quality mode). It can take up different media, such as flag clothes, banner, chemical fiber, polyester, etc, up to maximum printing size of 2000mm with 2mm thick.

“We are at the brink of a new era of fabric printing. This segment is rapidly expanding with newer prospects in all spheres, either in corporate world, events or households. In this respect, we are striding ahead with the introduction of latest machines, such as YASELAN KT-S200, which are driven by relentless capabilities of advanced technologies,” mentions Ali.

YASELAN KT-S200 has unfolded a canvas of fresh possibilities in fabric printing, pushing the boundaries of innovation, efficiency and sustainability. Featured with pinch roller feeding system, this fabric printer is designed to prevent from static and splashed sublimation/dye sublimation inks, which in turn make the printing more accurate and avoid wrinkling.

When it comes to ink technology, YASELAN KT-S200 users are privileged to adopt secondary ink supply system, keeping sustained printing without ink cut-off to ensure quality in every single print output. This fabric printing marvel has opened up a brave new world of possibilities in digital large-format printing where print service providers can tap a new business with a host of new customers.

Unique Sign Innovations boasts a dedicated servicing department for all machines they supply. A team of professional service engineers offers routine maintenance and unconditional after-sales service support, which is just a call away. The team reaches across Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, and beyond.