Perfect Bend bends better than anything else


Bending solutions with unique purposes and advancements, Perfect Bend acrylic bending machines are proudly and indigenously ‘Made in India’ by New Delhi-based Risingsun Enterprises Co. Sanjiv Sharma, Founder of Risingsun Enterprises Co. tells Sign & Graphics about his venture into manufacturing the most advanced acrylic bending machines ever produced in India.

Sanjiv Sharma, who has been in the industry over the last 30 years, had finally switched to the idea of producing advanced acrylic bending machines to meet the increasing needs of quality bending solutions in the Indian market. “It all started just around four years ago. When we fully geared up with our plan to manufacture Perfect Bend acrylic bending machines, what it came into our mind was to develop such products that can fulfill the desired flexibility and wonderful comfort level of every end-user or fabricator,” tells Sanjiv.

He adds, “Prior to manufacturing, we had extensively done thorough research and development activities to figure out the needful technical requirements and features to be integrated in the new acrylic bending machines. As a result, our Perfect Bend machines are widely demanded today. So far, we have installed more than 600 machines at companies in different sectors across India. We are extremely consoled today because our customers are fully satisfied with the features and capability of our bending machines.”

‘Perfect’ in the true sense of the term, Perfect Bend acrylic bending machines are ideally engineered to bend materials like foam PVC, plexiglass, polypropylene, ABS, perspex and polycarbonate rather ‘Perfectly’ than any other systems. Some of the Perfect Bend models now demandingly available in the market are: PB 1240 WC Series Auto Power Cut, PB 625 WC Series Auto Power Cut, PB 625-S WC Series with Adjustable Heating Width & Auto Power Cut and PB Tribender 635 WC Series Auto Power Cut.

PB 1240 is capable to soften and bend acrylic, organic glass, plexiglass, PVC, PC, ABS, and PP sheets into any shape, suitably for a wide range of applications including signage, display case, shelve, advertising light-box, art ware, etc in maximum bending width of 1240mm. It consumes 1500W. Likewise, PB 625 can bend in maximum width of 625mm, consuming 1000W. PB 625-S is a special model which can adjust width according to materials and thicknesses. It can bend maximum width of 625mm, consuming 1000W.

Designed for ‘3 Bends-in-One-Shot’, Tribender 635 WC Series can bend effective heating length of 635mm with thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm to 6mm. All modules have WC (water circulation) to keep cool. Water temperature sensor cuts power supply to the machine when temperature rises above 550C. “When the power switch of any Perfect Bend machine is on, its temperature sensor activates and controls as per requirement,” mentions Sanjiv. He adds that Perfect Bend machines are perfect friendly companions for all types of acrylic fabrication solutions.

Noticeably, Perfect Bend bending machines cover whole gamut of fabrication solutions covering distinct products with distinguished purposes across diverse sectors, viz. school technical courses, model building, sign making… so on and so forth.

HP Latex 630 for Stable, Sustainable & Seamless print production

Launched during the recent Media Expo Mumbai 2024, HP Latex 630 is defined by its Stability when it runs, Sustainability of its technology and Seamlessness in print outputs. Contributing to the wellbeing of operators, customers and business, this new HP Latex marvel features the Latex 4th Generation Ink Technology, a most environmentally-certified technology.

HP Latex 630 boasts broad media versatility for producing wide range of applications encompassing signage, decors and more using thin films and papers. It delivers stunning eco-friendly print graphics produced at faster speed up to 150sqft/hr. “With its speed and media versatility, this new Latex printer meets stringent health and environmental criteria as its Latex inks are UL ECOLOGO certified and complied with toy safety requirements,” tells Vitesh Sharma, Country Head – India, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka for Large-Format Printing Business, HP.

He adds, “Print service providers can now embrace new possibilities by adopting this new HP Latex 630 with the Latex 4th Generation Ink Technology, a production printer compatible with any given conventional and unconventional media. In addition, its white ink capacity can create graphics that stand out like never before, such as best-in-class laminate-to-print adhesion without using HP Overcoat.” Ideally, HP Latex 630 is a new printer for those print service providers who seek to get their printing needs met so much more than they expect!