A tryst with Hyderabad’s high fliers in sign making


These days, it needs to run for out-of-the-box ideas and unconventional machines to create impressive and inspiring signage and promotional display graphics. In this race to innovations and advancement in sign making, even sign makers and print service providers, particularly those interacted by Sign & Graphic’s travelling bandwagon in Hyderabad, are highly heedful in creative process and choosing of right machines. They wisely oft for cutting-edge machines from MIMAKI, Monotech Systems, JX Enterprise and some others with which they finally fulfil what exactly their customers want.

Kalyan Digital, Scaling new heights

After its inception in the year 2009 as a mere sign making company encompassing normal applications for outdoor signs, store-front displays, in-shop graphics, etc, Kalyan Digital has come across certain phases of growth and development over the years. In this, Sreenivasa Rao, Founder of Kalyan Didital, recalls, “We specifically focused on billboard printing in the early days of our business. After that we gradually graduated to gradual upgrades of our machine portfolio.”

Sreenivasa further states that they have so far used a string of different machines comprising HP ExcelJet 1500, Challenger, Allwin, etc. “At the end, we decided to go for some MIMAKI systems with which we planned to create something out-of-the-box applications. So, we invested in a couple of MIMAKI printers—UJV55-320 roll-to-roll and JV 330 eco-solvent printers. These two printers turned out to be our game changers in scaling new heights in quality printing,” he mentions.

“Capable to print up to a maximum speed of 100sqm/hr, catering graphics in resolution of 1200dpi, JV330 is an ideal machine for us. Similarly, UJV55-320 has opened up a lot of new UV capabilities for us,” tells Sreenivasa. Backed by a team of 40 skilled staff, Kalyan Digital is working for a handful of turnkey projects for big clients such as Hyderabad Metro whose pilot project has begun and many others in Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam (Vizag) and Vijayawada.

kwality Ad Media, Into big alterations

With their 21 years of experience in the signage market and direct engagement in the so-called flex printing over the last 15 years, a league of eight well-experienced signage professionals led by Sai Ram B is the vigour and backbone of Kwality Ad Media. “Earlier, when we outsourced printing to third parties, we had a lot of troubles and intricacies in printing, production and maintaining on-time deliveries,” he tells. He further mentions that the way they used to outsource their printing job hugely hampered growth in business.

Everything in business and overall tasks at Kwality Ad Media took a big turn only when they invested in a couple of MIMAKI eco-solvent machines—UJV100-160 and JV100-160. “We installed the two MIMAKI machines back-to-back within one year,” informs Sai. He adds, “In addition, what it complemented to the two highly flexible production printers is the unprecedented after-sales service and support from the team MIMAKI India.

Sai further adds, “Colour consistency and overall sharpness in graphics delivered by the two MIMAKI printers poise a new standard for us to induce our customers. We work for a bunch of highly quality conscious customers from the corporate sector. To name a few, it includes Taco Bell, Dabur, CP Place, Burger King and many others.” He conclusively mentions that they really feel blessed with the MIMAKI UJV100-160 and JV100-160, which empower them to deliver around 12lakh sqft prints every month.

SP Enterprises, Expansion going on

All started with the installation of an HP Latex 700, a landmark installation of the model, marking second in Telangana, SP Enterprise is one of the popular print service providers as well as a sign maker evolving in execution of turnkey projects in and around the city and many other parts of the state and neighbouring Andhra Paradesh. It was followed by another key HP printer—HP Designjet 5500. Likewise, the expansion of the company’s machine portfolio continued.

Shiv Kumar Jubre, Proprietor of SP Enterprises, says the machine portfolio had been upgraded with some more key machines from MIMAKI India. “It was a big upgrade took place in the portfolio with the subsequent installations of four MIMAKI printers—two MIMAKI JV100-160 printers, followed by a UJV100-160 and a JV330,” he adds. He further adds that the MIMAKI printers boosted their overall production capacity, versatility in applications and quality in graphic print outputs.

“Our subsequent installations of MIMAKI printers have empowered us to inculcate our customers from different markets. Now, we offer them quality prints which they have never received before,” tells Shiv Kumar. Currently, SP Enterprise is backed by a team of 12 printing, production, fabrication and installation staff, working for different customers and projects around Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. On future plan, Shiv Kumar says they are planning for yet another advanced MIMAKI printer, which is likely to be a 10ft flatbed.

Reet Retails Advertising, Upbeat with newer TECHNOLOGIES

To deliver what big brands want in the retail sector, Reet Retails Advertising was constantly in pursuit of a proficient and productive UV hybrid printer. It took two years for them to find the right one, i.e. PixelJet 3218 RMO, which is indigenously manufactured by Monotech Systems Limited. “After searching for an authentic UV hybrid system, we found Monotech Systems’ PixelJet 3218 RMO. The printer is comprehensive in terms of its features, productivity and cost-effectiveness,” says Manmeet Singh, Director of Reet Retails Advertising Private Limited.

He adds that PixelJet 3218 RMO’s substantial flatbed & roll-to-roll flexibilities surprised them and they enjoyed mastering the new printing approach. “When we compared PixelJet 3218 RMO to one of the close UV hybrid model competitors from an overseas brand, this marvel from Monotech Systems is comparatively far better in terms of speed and cost-effectiveness,” he further explains. Reet Retails Advertising boasts a complete in-house portfolio of machines comprising HP Latex 3200, HP Latex 560, HP Latex 360, EPSON SureColor S60600, Graphtec plotter, K-bend (Kheizer) channel letter bending machine and most of all the PixelJet 3218 RMO for hybrid UV printing.

Over the last 12 years, Reet Retails Advertising has been working for big corporate clients like Samsung, Realme, Nilkamal, Oppo, Kurlon, to name a few. “Of course, we are fairly active in the retail sector where we constantly work and execute turnkey in-store projects across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh,” tells Manmeet. A team of 45 production & back office professionals is the company’s fortitude. “Our current 10,000sqft production facility will be expanded soon as we are looking forward to adding more production machines, such as PixelJet 3218 RMO, to seize new business opportunities,” he concludes.

Dwarak Digital, Driving towards diversifications

Dwarak Digital opens up about how PixelJet 3218 RMO UV hybrid printer in its fleet of machines has diversified the way they produce out-of-the-ordinary signage and display graphics. “PixelJet 3218 RMO UV hybrid system in our facility has fortified us to respond accurately to the utmost desire of our customers’ ever increasing demands for UV graphics produced on an array of unconventional printing media,” says Y Dwarak of Dwarak Digital. He further states that they have different divisions of production facilities equipped with different machines for different applications, in which the PixelJet holds the fort of UV printing.

“Over the last one and a half decades we have been serving a mixed bag of customers using a mixed portfolio of machines comprising digital large-format printers for signage graphics and digital production presses for commercial short-run jobs. Key machines in our portfolio include the highly capable and flexible PixelJet 3218 RMO UV hybrid printer from Monotech Systems and others like Dilli, Jeti, Epson SureColor, Konica Minolta AcurioPress, Xljet, etc,” tells Dwarak.

“So far so good, PixelJet 3218 RMO is playing a vital role when we engage in production of unique UV graphics that stand out amid the crowds, rather uniquely than any conventional application,” tells Dwarak. Highly flexible for limitless UV applications, PixelJet 3218 RMO features six RICOH Gen 5 printheads, zigzag plate and capable to run at the maximum production speed of 45sqm/hr. It takes on varieties of media up to 3300x1800mm in area and 100mm thick on flatbed and 3200mm wide in roll-to-roll. Dwarak conclusively mentions that the PixelJet 3218 RMO from Monotech Systems is indeed a big booster for them on the UV front.

Creative Dezigners, Going for UV next

One of the all-time jammed print service providers (PSPs) in Hyderabad, Creative Dezigners has been in the market for some time. However, as a full-fledged PSP it surfaced just three years ago. “As name of our company clearly indicates, we started with larger focus on graphic designing, then, gradually expanded our tasks into printing. In this respect, we would like to thank JX Enterprise for guiding us to enter into signage printing successfully,” tells Venkateshh.

He adds, “Now, we are running a sole Gongzheng GZC 3202SG solvent machine from JX Enterprise for everything we deliver. Along with the machine’s versatility and advanced features, we are equally satisfied with the after-sales support receiving whenever required, irrespective of distance and circumstances, from JX Enterprise.” Equipped with Starfire 1024 (25pL) printheads, Gongzheng GZC 3202SG is capable to operate at the maximum speed of 129sqm/hr, compatibly on varied thicknesses of media.

Creative Dezigners is working for some big clients from the hospitality and healthcare sectors. Venkateshh says they are currently a team of seven and a machine portfolio comprising the Gongzheng GZC 3202SG with a Graphtech plotter and a MarkSys laser marker, working for customers across the length and breadth of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. On next-level development plan, he says they will invest in a UV printer, probably from JX Enterprise.

VS Digitals, One-stop shop

VS Digitals is widely known for being a one-stop shop for graphic designing and printing. Srinivas, who started the company from the scratch as a mere graphic designing corner around a couple of decades ago, had a dream of adding a printing setup to make it a complete solution corner. “My dream comes true only after we approached JX Enterprise to buy a flexible and capable production printer and what we received in turn was a Gongzheng GZM 3202 with Starfire printheads,” tells Srinivas.

He adds, “Our first Gongzheng printer was a productive and capable printer. We reaped its advanced features and capacity. However, when we started getting more demands from our customers from different market sectors, it was the key reason why we decided to go for another Gongzheng, which we finalised the deal just recently and opted for the upgraded GZC C3204SG Plus. VS Digitals is a team of five sign making professionals with different backgrounds, expertises and experiences. They work for customers from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. “With the adding of Gongzheng C3204SG, which is based on negative pressure recirculation system and capable to run at 234sqm/hr, we aim at expanding our work volume and client base by penetrating into newer markets,” tells Srinivas. He conclusively mentions, “In addition, we have set plan to add a UV printer, probably from JX Enterprise, to our machine portfolio soon.”

Raju Digital Printing, Where quality counts

Raju Digital Printing is a sister concern of Sireesha Digitals, one of the leading quality signage printing and production corners in Hyderabad. “We are a team of six staff now running Raju Digital Printing, which is branched out from Sireesha Digitals. This branch has been gaining grounds in quality printing following the installation of a Gongzheng system from JX Enterprise. It’s quite a capable production printer for meeting all our requirements to produce graphics for different applications,” says Stephen of Raju Digital Printing.

In order to meet the increasing demands for newer quality and volume of graphic prints from their customers from different sectors, Raju Digital Printing has recently added yet another Gongzheng printer from JX Enterprise—GZM 3202SG. “Addition of the new GZM 3202SG to our portfolio is a new turning point for us to escalate our print quality and volume to another level,” mentions Stephen.

Stephen adds that Raju Digital Printing is now focusing on projects revolving around events and stall fabrications. “With the help of JX Enterprise’s all time after-sales support, we are exploiting the best capacities of the two Gongzheng machines now running productively at our production facility. We have plan to add more machines from JX Enterprise whenever we need to magnify production volume and enhance quality of graphic prints to a newer level,” he concludes.

drupa and PRINTING United forge partnership

Starting in 2024, the partnership of the world’s leading trade fairs drupa and PRINTING United Expo located in Europe and North America, respectively, will bolster the reach of each brand throughout the industry. Both organizations, with their customer-centric focus, will look to make all their events even more relevant and beneficial to both attendees and exhibitors in the ever-changing printing technology landscape. Sabine Geldermann, Director drupa, Portfolio Print Technologies, stated the partnership is to bring PRINTING United Expo’s one-roof approach aligns very strongly with what drupa has brought to the industry over the last seven decades. Together, it will be able to deliver even more opportunities for growth and collaboration to all who participate in the marketplace of events. They look forward in the coming months to sharing the conversations on how this partnership will unfold and the benefits to all the partners. Stay tuned for future updates as this partnership continues to evolve and take shape.