Photocentric introduces large-format LCD 3D printer


As of now large-format 3D printers, their software, maintenance and consumables are extremely expensive, and the finish can still be rough, requiring a lot of post-processing. With these challenges in mind, Photocentric has recently launched the world’s largest LCD printer—Liquid Crystal Titan. The new LCD 3D printer is built in volume of 695 x 385 x 1200mm, which is more remarkable in that as it has a pixel pitch of just 91 microns across the entire area, delivering phenomenal final part resolution. Because it uses LCD, it hardens a large area simultaneously. Liquid Crystal Titan’s 8k (7660 x 4320 pixels) screen provides control of over 33 million pixels, allowing the user to convert huge amounts of liquid into solid in a short time. Titan is a very different proposition to existing large-format resin printers.