Jaguar—a new high-end UV Hybrid Printer from Mehta Hitech


Mehta Hitech Industries Limited presents ‘Jaguar’, a class-leading UV Hybrid Printer designed to redefine printing standards. At the heart of Jaguar lies the cutting-edge Kyocera printheads arranged in two rows, delivering unparalleled performance and precision. With a large printing width of 3.2 m, it is designed to meet the most demanding printing requirements with ease. It’s an absolute high-end, high-class, robust, high-speed UV Hybrid Printer crafted with the best quality components, ensuring exceptional accuracy and reliability.

One of the features that makes Jaguar standout is its new advanced roller design, to ensure wrinkle-free printing on various soft materials. This innovative feature guarantees smooth and continuous printing, regardless of material type. Despite all these features, Jaguar remains remarkably cost-effective, offering unmatched value for printers seeking high performance without compromising on affordability.