Color-Logic launches ‘Touch7’ neon colour system


Color-Logic has launched Touch7 Neon Color System. It was unveiled during the recent PRINTING United Expo 2023 at Atlanta. Touch7 technology is designed to transform the way designers, printers, and manufacturers create and reproduce neon and pastel colours, enabling them to achieve colours that were previously unattainable. Touch7 Primary Neon/fluorescent inks are printed in combination with the primary press inks (CMY plus Neon). Touch7 Pure Only neon/fluorescent inks are printed together (no CMYK inks). Some key features of the new Touch7 Neon Color System include: Expanded Neon Color Gamut: The Touch7 Neon Color System offers an extended color gamut, enabling graphic designers to access a wide range of neon and pastel colours that were previously unachievable using traditional CMYK printing.