Roland DG suggests T-shirt printing design tips


T-shirts are popular because they can be customised to fit each individual’s unique personality and style. T-shirts can also be enhanced with special effects and very creative and eye-catching graphics. When designing printed T-shirts, there are certain things to consider ensuring the perfect result. Roland DG releases these T-Shirt Printing Design Tips: 1. Imagine your design on a T-Shirt and where it will be placed. 2. Detail is great, but keep things simple as much as possible. 3. Choose the right colours that are complementary colours to the T-shirt and each other. 4. When designing for print, cut and transfer, remember to mirror the artwork and outline any text and expand any strokes you may have. One of the design elements entrants need to submit for Roland DG’s Wrap2TheMax Déjà Vu design competition is an eye-catching T-Shirt.