HEXIS announces MATMAK pre-cut software solution


Designed for most recent car models, HEXIS announces MATMAK pre-cut software that combines the precision of an automated cutting machine with the design flexibility of intuitive software. One of the major strengths of this newly introduced MATMAK is that it is equipped with a virtual plotter. This allows users to visualise what the machine will cut. MATMAK is a solution to help with PPF installation projects. Also known as a ‘pre-cut kit’, a pre-cut is a predefined and precise cut out of self-adhesive film. This type of self-adhesive film is made to fit a specific part of a car. Such pre-cut kits are used, in particular, to help users install bodywork protection film, also known as PPF. Pre-cuts reduce the risk of errors when cutting self-adhesive film directly on the car’s bodywork.