Mactac discloses display adhesive tapes for diverse applications


Mactac Engineered Tapes and Laminates has announced a line of new display adhesive tapes for diverse applications. The Mactac tapes feature attributes high strength, excellent tack and peel, superior shear performance, near-immediate adhesion, ease of product handling and die-cutting, and chemical and UV resistance. The range includes broader products such as the company’s Roll Label and Graphics and Signage businesses, label stocks from parent company LINTEC, and products such as metallised film offerings from sister company, VDI, LLC (Vacuum Depositing, Inc.). In the range, Macbond FBR899 is a high coat-weight rubber adhesive, which is known for its quick tack and secure hold by tossing specific-themed items at the board. On other hand, ‘Brad the medical manikin’ is medical adhesives for skin contact applications.