Mehta unveils highly-anticipated UV Hybrid and DTF printers

Mehta Cad Cam Systems, a pioneer in CO2 laser, fibre laser, CNC router & digital large-format printing technologies with distributorship of the machines not only in India but also across the globe, has announced the unveiling of three new flagship products—a UV Hybrid large-format printer and two DTF (Direct-to-Film) printers.


UV Hybrid Printer

The long-awaited solution in the Indian signage industry is here—Mehta Can Cam Systems has introduced a cutting-edge UV Hybrid Printer with a conveyor belt system with 3.2-m width. This innovation addresses the industry’s demand for a high-speed printer with the right capabilities. This UV Hybrid Printer is equipped with Kyocera printheads, with a maximum of 8 in 2 groups, ensuring high-speed printing on varied materials such as vinyl, foam board, sun board, and more.

The robust structure and linear motor (magnetic motor) system of the new Hybrid UV Printer guarantee high-precision and trouble-free printing. For those eager to witness this new high-end, high-speed, and high-resolution UV Hybrid Printer in action can visit Mehta Cad Cam Systems’ new demo centre at the company’s Head Office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

DTF (Direct-to-Film) printers

Mehta Cad Cam Systems has also proudly introduced two new DTF (Direct-to-Film) Printers. The first model is a cutting-edge solution for transferring prints onto garments. This newly introduced DTF Printer is equipped with the world’s renowned high-speed and long-life EPSON i3200 printheads, ensuring exceptional performance and extended durability.

This robust new DTF Printer is supplied as a complete unit, including a powder shaking system, designed for both direct-to-film printing and subsequent transfer onto fabric. Mehta’s DTF Printer stands out as the most economical and it utilises the latest technology to achieve seamless print transfers onto garments, with a print width of 60 cm.

To provide a comprehensive solution, Mehta Can Cam Systems also supplies the necessary film for printing, along with the specialised powder used in the powder shaking machine and specialised pigmented ink. This means users can rely on Mehta for a complete package, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process for direct-to-film (DTF) transfer and subsequent garment printing.

The second DTF Printer from Mehta Cad Cam Systems is a UV DTF system ideally designed for versatile digital sticker production. This new cutting-edge UV DTF printer can compatibly create stickers that can be seamlessly transferred onto various substrates such as wood, acrylic, metal, and more. This state-of-the-art technology of the new DTF Printer allows seamless sticker production ranging from as small as single sticker to large sizes of thousand stickers, with width capacity of up to 60 cm, delivering an embossing effect as well.

Equipped with three EPSON i3200 U1 printheads, which are acclaimed for their performance, longevity, and high speed, Mehta’s new UV DTF Printer offers unparalleled precision. The 60-cm printing width is efficiently utilised, with one printhead dedicated to CMYK printing, the second for white ink printing, and the third for applying glue.

The new UV DTF Printer’s output on film is a laminated and ready for immediate use. Boasting wide-ranging applications, the printer is ideal for sticker production in industries such as trophies, awards, gifts articles, labels, and more. To complement the new DTF Printer’s capabilities, Mehta provides specialised film/rolls for both printing and lamination, along with its unique ink. This comprehensive offering ensures that Mehta delivers a complete solution for UV DTF printing, meeting the diverse needs of businesses and industries.

Choose printers from Mehta Cad Cam Systems for reliable, efficient, and all-encompassing solutions that represent the pinnacle of technology in the UV Hybrid and DTF printing on garments.

SwissQprint announces winners of its global ‘Creative Challenge’ competition

SwissQprint has recently organised a worldwide competition involving the swissQprint user community. Customers from five continents took up the challenge and submitted 60 works. For the third time, swissQprint invited all users around the globe to join the Creative Challenge. The first place winner is Haas Werbetechnik of Austria with ‘Symphony of creation’, a unique composition of highly varied materials and printing techniques. The second place winner is CMP Enseigne of France with ‘Woodstar’, a truly spectacular work of art. The third place winner is Gcolor Company Ltd. of Taiwan with ‘Alice Immersiveland’. In fourth place is Signaletik Diffusion of France with «Le couteau swissQprint», a detailed replica of a Swiss Army knife, ornamented with relief elements. In fifth place is Take Corporation of Japan with ‘Funny Moving Poster’, a test piece for an engaging shop window display. Rotating patterns draw attention to the product.