P5 350 HSR is Durst’s fastest RTR system till date


Durst’s newly launched P5 350 HS hybrid printing system is the fastest among its large-format portfolio. The hybrid system is a versatile RTR (roll-to-roll) model. This 3.5-m UV CMYK LED printer achieves an impressive print speed of 670 sqm per hour. Light cyan, light magenta, white and varnish ink channels can be added to this machine. For long, uninterrupted production cycles, the P5 350 HSR is equipped with an optional roll feeder. The feeder with the P5 350 HS hybrid printing system is compatible with coils weighing up to 1,000 kg (vs 280 kg standard), and a diameter of 635 mm (350 mm standard). A double-roller option up to 162.5 cm wide is also available.