Romancing with Siser’s Romeo & Juliet for high-definition cutting

JN Arora, a sole India distributor of Siser, has introduced two flagship high-definition Siser cutters—Romeo & Juliet. From Italy with love, the two Siser products are designed for those who have high-volume workflows and wish to work faster than those using conventional desktop cutters.


Loaded with powerful features that are easy to understand and intuitive, high-definition Siser Romeo & Juliet cutters are built to seamlessly adapt to workflows of users, irrespective of their experience in digital cutting or skill levels. “With these two newly arrived Siser cutters, we promise you to redefine your digital cutting experience. We urge everyone to romance with Rome & Juliet to indulge in another level of B2B (business-to-business) and DIY (do-it-yourself) activities,” emphasises Aashish Arora, Director-Marketing, JN Arora & Co Pvt Ltd.

Maximize your potential with Romeo

A simply advanced high-definition cutter, Romeo by Siser can accommodate materials up to 60cm wide with an unobstructed workspace that makes production quick and easy. When you need more control, the cutter also includes four adjustable pinch rollers with variable grit rollers for maximum stability, irrespective of the type of material.

Those who work with high-volume jobs sometimes fail to meet their requirement with 30cm cutter. In this context, Romeo is twice the size of Juliet and capable to cut materials up to 60cm in width.

Speed up your cutting with Juliet

Juliet by Siser has been designed to not only be advanced, but intuitive as well. Highly user-friendly, this digital cutter is equipped with high-quality motor that’s up to 60 percent faster than usual desktop cutters. Juliet emits very less noise as it is equipped with an ultra-precise machine head as well as adjustable pinch-roller feeding system. Its built-in camera to the head can read registration marks and cut full colour designs with ease. It means small details equal huge potential!

Featured with dozens of pre-set cut settings for all Siser materials, Juliet can even help users create and edit their own custom cut settings. With the cutter’s highly adjustable pinch rollers, users are not limited to a specific cut area. Are you worried about a jumbled mess of cords coming out of your PC? If so, Juliet is wireless and can connect to PC or Mac via WiFi for a clean experience!

Powerful software

A powerful cutter is nothing without powerful software. That’s why Leonardo Design Studio was created to be the perfect companion software to Romeo & Juliet. The best part is that Leonardo Design Studio isn’t just cut software but an incredibly versatile workspace. Users can use the built-in canvas and tools to create custom artwork, or download pre-made files from the extensive art library. Leonardo Design Studio software which is free with the purchase of every Romeo & Juliet.