T-Works installs first ever open-access precision cutting Zund machine funded by Vasantha Tool Crafts

Perfectly designed for precision cutting & processing of 200+ materials for advanced rapid prototyping, Zund G3 L2500 is the first open-access precision cutting machine ever installed at Hyderabad-based T-Works, an initiative of Telangana Government and India’s largest prototyping centre collaborated with Vasantha Group.


Funded by Vasantha Group through its CSR funding programme, Swiss-made Zund G3 L2500 from Zund India at T-Works is a high-precision digital cutter that can process & cut over 200 materials, ranging from paper, plastics, & paperboards up to composite fabric materials such as glass fibre, carbon fibre, and aramid fibre as well as hard substrates like MDF, wood, acrylic, ACP and aluminium, catering to a diverse manufacturing applications. The machine can also be used to process high-performance materials like carbon fibre sheets used in lightweight structures spanning from Formula-1 to drone components.

Sujai Karampuri, CEO, T-Works, says, “We at T-Works did extensive research for our digital cutter requirement in the market. We couldn’t find any with the modular approach we needed. But we finally found Zund G3 L2500 which connected all the dots.” A Dayanand Reddy, MD, Vasantha Group, comments, “We are delighted to collaborate with T-Works for sponsoring this cutting-edge Zund G3 L2500.” He further emphasises that the advanced Zund digital cutter from Zund India will expand the range of materials used for prototyping low volumes with high precision.

Prasanna Venkatesh VA, General Manager, Zund India (P) Ltd, explains, “For the kind of facility that T-Works is, they were posed with a challenge for a cutting solution which could offer them a wide range of flexibility in cutting varied substrates. Their search for the right machine ended with Zund India. Zund solutions are very modular in nature as they are configured based on customers’ requirements. The ideal cutting solution is configured based on the wide range of standard options available at Zund in terms of precision, versatility & productivity.”

He continues, “With just the change of tools and a few peripheral components on Zund G3 L2500, Zund can instantly offer solutions to cut a wide variety of substrates. What more, there are a host of intuitive software which aids the cutting solution to be like breeze. These enable our customers to have complete flexibility to explore various substrates and this is precisely what T-Works were exploring.”

T-Works was established with a vision to create and celebrate a culture of hobbyists, makers, and innovators in India who explore and experiment without the fear of failure. The centre was inaugurated in March 2023. Phase-1 of T-Works covers 78,000 sq ft and is equipped with a metal shop, electronics lab, laser cutting & engraving, wood shop, testing lab, 3D printing, and ceramic studio with world-class equipment, allowing users to create, test, and refine their designs with precision & accuracy.

Sun Fabric materials largely used for G20 Summit graphics

More than 2.5 lakh sq ft of highly eco-friendly Sun Fabric printable materials have been used in production of colourful graphics flaunted across the capital city during the G20 Summit in New Delhi. “Government has strictly set compulsion to use only the eco-friendly materials for production of both indoor and outdoor graphics for the summit. Sun Fabric materials had been approved and met the government’s green criteria,” says Deepak Girotra, Founder & Director, Sun Fabric.

He adds, “We used the black-back gloss Sun Fabric materials of 220 gsm for the G20 Summit graphics. The materials are highly eco-friendly and recyclable. Moreover, government has also passed the resolution of allowing only such green materials to produce campaign graphics in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections.” The range of Sun Fabric products are highly environment friendly, sustainable and contain no pollution-causing PVC plastic in their composition as 100 of them are developed using pure polyester and cotton materials.