JX ENTERPISE OFFERS gratifying products of choice

Being a sole distributor of Gongzheng printers in India, JX Enterprise is instrumental in supplying the machines which are standard, economical and suitable for the Indian market. All series of Gongzheng machines in the company’s portfolio are products of choice for their customers for two reasons—quality & un-interrupted service back up.


JX Enterprise has a complete portfolio of machines of all technological platforms and models, designed for print service providers (PSPs) and graphic arts companies of all levels. The solvent, eco-solvent, UV & garment printers in the company’s portfolio are ideal for everyone, whether entry or high-level users.

Of the portfolio, highlighted here are two such models—Gongzheng Thunderjet AC1802UV & Gongzheng C3204SG Plus—which have been acclaimed by users for advancements and versatility.

Gateway to UV RTR printing

Gongzheng Thunderjet AC1802UV is an entry-level UV roll-to-roll (RTR) printer, which is a suitable choice for those eager to enter into the UV RTR arena. According to Niyaa Jayson, Director, JX Enterprise, UV RTR technology opens up many new avenues where PSPs can tap new businesses hooking to innovations they have never unearthed.

Equipped with EPSON i3200 U1 printheads, Gongzheng Thunderjet AC1802UV features bulk ink supply system and white ink stirring system. The machine is highly compatible with a broad range of media comprising banner, vinyl, backlit textile, coated PP, PVC film, PET film, etc. for producing highly-appealing graphics.

Unique AR taking up system of Gongzheng Thunderjet AC1802UV assures accurate and stable rewinding for a variety of media, especially heavy media like banner. The printer features precise and adjustable stepping systems. Its serried pinch rollers and pressure adjuster promise accurate & wrinkle-free stepping of thicknesses of different media.

For faster solvent printing

The new Gongzheng C3204SG Plus is a new solvent system which is technically perfect for high-speed print production up to 2,400 sq ft/hr. Equipped with maximum four Dimatix Starfire 1024 printheads in staggered way, this solvent printer features GZ dual negative pressure recirculation system with pressure protection unit assuring steady ink delivery and minimum maintenance.

Dimatix Starfire 1024 printheads in the printer deliver quite an unparallel saturation and smooth gradient. In this respect, this solvent printer is ideally a robust machine with reinforced CNC aluminum beam and dual linear guides that assure high-speed & high-resolution printing in the long run.

The printer’s feeding system with strong media holders is suitably designed for tackling both light and heavy media. Moreover, 400W AC servo system of the printer has high torque and low vibration, which in turn makes the system capable to run in more stable and precise carrier movement.

Headquartered in Chennai, JX Enterprise has a wide well-connected network of branch offices based in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Cochin, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai, backed by strong service teams available anytime in any one of the cities. Niyaa conclusively states that anybody can sell a machine, but providing uninterrupted service back-up is not everybody’s ability and JX Enterprise is quite alert about it.

New ‘Cool Sport Colors 6100 Series’ inks for textile & garment

International Coatings Company announces the introduction of its new line of Cool Sport Colors (6100 Series) inks. The new plastisol inks are based on the company’s proprietary CoolTech technology and are now part of its expanding line of FlexCure screen printing inks. FlexCure inks offer a ‘flexible’ curing range – from a low 275°F/135°C to the standard 325°F/163°C. CoolTech products rely on the same chemistry found in the Cool White (7022) ink. CoolTech adds strength, elongation, and elasticity to inks, and enables Cool Sport inks to be printed on multiple substrates. Cool Sport Colors feature 13 brilliant, ready-for-use team- and sports-related colours (formerly found in the 6100 Super Opaque Series Direct Print Plastisol). The inks contain a high pigment load for maximum coverage on dark garments, thus eliminating the need for under-basing.