Arvind redefines ‘eco-friendliness’ of signage printing media

Arvind is a brand name synonymous with eco-friendly and PVC-free printable fabric media. The company is committed towards promoting awareness on sustainable solutions in the industry. Being a globally recognised textile player, with integrated capabilities from cotton farming to spinning of yarns and weaving fabrics, Arvind uses both cotton and man-made fibers to create printable fabrics that are changing the landscape of signage printing.


As the popularity of fabric-based signage printing media is gaining a new ground, the need of the market today is the availability of products that would be best in class as per the international standards. With the kind of consistent quality that corporate companies can fully rely upon and being cost effective at the same time, fabric media are excelling in giving quality output in intended use in signage graphics. That is where Arvind actually plays a critical role.

Arvind boasts of its inherent strength in terms of scaling up the operations to meet the growing market need. Developing a complete range of products which address the sustainability standards, the company excels in performance and R&D on right intent to make things work.

One of the mega trends that have been observed for some time is that many corporate players have been stepping up their commitment towards sustainability and saving the environment. As the Indian consumer market is increasing multifold with time, more and more large global consumer goods manufacturing players are entering the market. Most of them are carrying out large-scale marketing and promotional campaigns. In line with their practices in Europe and America, Arvind is fully committed to providing these customers with best range of ‘Made in India’ products and solutions for signage campaigns.

“While it is true that the print media substrate manufacturers as well as the value chain partners should put emphasis on promoting eco-friendly solutions for the signage industry, the expectation is that large corporate players should also come up in leading the noble cause and set examples for others to follow. Governments are expected to be developing more and more stringent regulations and guidelines for the same. In doing so, large corporate companies shall take lead in implementing eco-friendly promotional campaigns,” comments Arindam Dasgupta, Business Head – Coating, Arvind Limited.

He adds that there are plenty of knowledge resources in the industry, starting from brands to media agencies, and just that some fundamental directions from more of the corporate leaders may help in this regard.

Arvind has developed a large portfolio of signage media that include frontlit, backlit, black back, digitally printable canvas, in both biodegradable and recyclable ranges, using non-hazardous, non-toxic ingredients. “We are happy to share that various leading corporate companies have approved our products for various applications relating to indoor and outdoor displays,” mentions Arindam.

In fact, Arvind has further expanded its signage product range into specialty categories like Fire Retardant, Self-Adhesive and Anti-microbial. “We are always open to resolve our customer’s problems with new and innovative solutions. At the same time, we are also engaged in developing custom made products for many of our customers,” says Arindam.

Arvind manufactures all its signage products domestically at their Ahmedabad plant. With a strong distribution network, the company is able to extend customised services for just in time deliveries to further address the instant need and requirement of their customers, helping the industry to resolve any basic problems that the industry might face while migrating towards sustainable solutions.

Apart from catering to the growing market in India, Arvind has also been focusing on expanding into the export market where the company has been able to make a dent in portion of the market pie from other Asian manufacturers. Export customers generally demand the best of qualities. Being onto a level playing field with the products from various other countries, particularly China, requires expertise and operation efficiency optimisation, which Arvind has been doing significantly well.