Pixels 2 Print installs second Zünd G3 flatbed cutter to further enhance precision & production


Bengaluru-based Pixels 2 Print is a household name in South India when it comes to premier custom printing and cutting. Prowess behind the company’s high-precision cutting is the Zund technology. Having been the user of Zund G3 flatbed cutter for years, Pixels 2 Print has brought home the second Zund G3, a bigger & upgraded model, to enhance cutting precision & overall production volume.

A brain child of three partner directors, Sudarshan SP, CC Shan Kuttapa and Pawan Sharma, Pixels 2 Print has been in the signage and graphic arts market of South India for more than last 20 years. The company boasts a state-of-the-art custom printing and cutting facility, equipped with arrays of advanced printers and Zund cutting systems.

On choosing Zund technology, Pawan says Zund would never let anybody down when it comes to uncompromising performance and high-precision cutting. “We first installed the Zund G3 L-3200 flatbed cutter with conveyer six years ago. Over the years we are very happy with its performance. Zund machine’s modular design has offered us maximum flexibility to keep up with the cutting requirements of diverse materials while keeping the productivity levels as high as possible. We have this time installed Zund G33XL-3200 with conveyor and tandem capabilities as second G3 flatbed cutter in our facility,” Pawan adds.

He continues, “Zund G33XL-3200 is an upgraded model with bigger cutting table size of 3.2 x 3.2 m.We choose this model for high-precision finishing of bigger graphic prints or applications. We are in need of such machine for turnkey interior graphic projects we execute for big corporate clients like Johnson & Johnson as well as interior design conglomerates like JLL and others at pan-India level.”

ZundG33XL-3200 is engineered perfectly to process materials even up to thickness of 110mm, depending on the requirement. This cutter can be configured with a beam height of 120 mm. quick, precise, and time-saving, setup for knives, router bits, and creasing wheels of Zund G33XL-3200 occurs through a fully automatic initialization system. It means manual adjustments for determining proper cutting depths are no longer necessary for this Zund flatbed cutter.

ZundG33XL-3200 is designed to optimise production with tandem operation. In this respect, Pawan mentions that this new Zund G3 flatbed cutter is highly advanced and user friendly as loading and unloading of materials can be done while production is going on. “We load material on one side while it continues to run on the other. The Vacuum Zone Switch sides enable us to keep cutting without stopping the machine for loading and unloading of materials. Such advanced features eliminate the machine’s idle time and increase our productivity,” he adds.

Eventually, Zund technology lets Pixels 2 Printput together a tailor-made cutting solution configured to meet the specific needs of their customers.