swissQprint hits 100th Impala 4 at Stocksigns in UK


A long-standing swissQprint customer, Stocksigns in the UK has been using a first-generation Impala since 2010. It was the 15th swissQprint machine to be placed in the UK at the time, and it helped the company’s business transition from silk screen to digital printing. The quality, reliability, and stress-free operation of swissQprint printers across a range of substrates made swissQprint the reliable partner of choice for Stocksigns when it came to upgrading machine portfolio. However, the business still undertook a full market review before selecting swissQprint once again.

The swissQprint Impala, equipped with CMYK plus white will be at the very front line of Stocksigns growth and development. With its installation, the firm anticipates production times will halve, doubling capacity in the manufacture of its health & safety, statutory and construction site signage. David Cload, Group Production Manager at Stocksigns, said that having used the Impala printers for many years, they are delighted to be the proud owner of swissQprint’s 100thmachine in the UK. Always having been impressed with swissQprint’s quality Impala 4 offers them even more capability to meet the demands of their growing customer base.