3D letter signs facelift jewellery shops in Asansol and Durgapur

Asansol and Durgapur are growing tier-II cities in West Bengal, located around 200 km from Kolkata. Traveling bandwagon of Sign & Graphics recently roamed around these two serene cities to explore how elegant 3D letter signs facelift the jewellery shops in the two cities, giving them new outlooks that pull attention of customers.


Anjali Jewellers, Asansol

Strategically located right in front of the Asansol Railway Station, Anjali Jewellers pulls attention of every passersby who come and go to the station. Of course, jewellery attracts everyone, but the shop sports well-crafted shop-front as well as sidewalls sporting 3D letter signs and frontlit display graphics. With the help of the local signage company Sai Advertising, the jewellery shop gained the new level of brand loyalty.

Saroj Das of Sai Advertising said that the project of Anjali Jewellers was quite unique for the fact that the shop was approached them to create an eyesore feel for their customers. Sai Advertising chose window decal media from the suppliers like Maruti Flex and others for the exterior wall graphics produced on an Allwin printer equipped with KM 512i printhead. For the cut-letters the signage company crafted them with a K-Bend channel letter bending machine and other tools.

Around 40 sq ft area of the shop walls have been fabricated with the crisp graphics. Aman Choudhury from Anjali Jewellers said that eye-catching wall graphics as well as innovative 3D letters are designed in both Bengali and English letters, eventually adding an elegant look to the standalone jewellery store that stands unique in an spacious corner near the Asansol Railway Station.

Burman & Son’s Jeweller, Durgapur

Burman & Son’s Jeweller is one of the popular one-stop jewellery shops in Durgapur. The shop incarnated into a new avatar two years back with a grand facelift using three-dimensional steel letters created by a local signage company, Roop Signage. Known for its innovative custom signage applications, Roop Signage ties up with some Kolkata-based major signage companies when handling big projects.

Ranjit Das, Proprietor of Roop Signage, said two types of 3D letters had been used to mount on the shop front of Burman & Son’s Jeweller are of types—solid brass and channel letters. He further said that the shop wanted the channel letters with efficient illumination at night. So, team Roof Signage used energy efficient Samsung LEDs in the channel letters. The brass letters were cut using Mehta Gloria X Series fibre laser metal cutting machine at one of the Kolkata-based partners of Roof Signage.

Ranjit further mentioned that the channel letters were bent using Accutek machine. Jitendra Burman, Owner of Burman & Son’s Jeweller informed that the facelift of his shop with the innovative shop front 3D letters by Roop Signage eventually transformed the image of the shop. He agreed to the fact that it eventually makes the look of shop more elegant and modern than ever.

Ghanty Jewels, Asansol

Ghanty Jewels in Asansol, a landmark jewellery shop located in a busy bylane, has a slogan—

‘Gold is not just a metal. It’s a piece of art that adorns your beauty.’ Subrata Ghanty of Ghanty Jewels informed that they run Ghanty Jewels alongside the Ghanty Cloth Store, their parent company. They have recently changed the look of both stores with cut-letter signs on shop fronts and some innovative backlit displays at the entrance of the jewellery shop.

Sai Advertising installed the 3D acrylic channel letters which were crafted using K-Bend machine and other finishing equipment. Saroj Das of Sai Advertising mentioned that the some Bengali letters they produced are of more than 50-inch in height. He further mentioned that they also have done fabrication and installation of some innovative backlit displays at the shop entrance and interiors as well.

Saroj further said the idea of installing sleek and trendy illuminated signs at the entrance of Ghanty Jewels is to impress customers. So, they have used high-quality media to produce crisp backlit images, as per the urge of Ghanty Jewels. Saroj proudly said that their client is fully satisfied with the 3D letter signs as well as the vibrant backlit signs that enhance the surroundings and impress customers.

New Imran JEWELLERS, Asansol

Simple and sober look of New Imran Jewellers in Asansol is indeed because of its shop front sign. The unique attraction of the sign is its white theme—white background, white sides with baby pink toping on acrylic channel letters created and installed by Kolkata LED Board, a popular sign maker whose clients are dotted not only in the City of Joy (literary name of Kolkata) but also in many tier-II and III cities of West Bengal.

Bilal Khan of Kolkata LED Board said that they custom made New Imran Jeweller’s store front 3D signs that measured around 65 inch wide and 13 inch high. The signs are predominantly in white texture as per the objective and desire of the client. The colour scheme creates a theme and an aura that impress customers.

Bilal mentioned that they used fully automated Accutek channel letter bending machine and energy-efficient ADS LED strips to create the signs. He further explained that the most challenging part in the project was to include a generic licence logo as part of the shop front sign. Team Kolkata LED Board fully engaged in accomplishing all – right from design concept, fabrication and final installation.

Jewellery Garden, Durgapur

Durgapur City Centre is a hangout place in the city. The centre is home to some good showrooms, eating outlets and corporate establishments. When roaming around the centre, a unique shop that catches the eyes of strollers is a gold and diamond outlet called Jewellery Garden. There is the reason why this jewellery shop is a magnificent eye catcher. The reason is its signage applications, which include an overhead custom fascia mounted on the entry gate and extra-large sleek acrylic 3D letters on the store front.

This is yet another landmark and outstanding signage work of Sai Advertising, a local signage company in Durgapur, which ties up with leading PSPs and sign makers from Kolkata when it comes to execution of such major projects. Saroj Das of Sai Advertising stated that they crafted the king-size acrylic letters on the store front, which measured 17 feet wide and 5 feet high, using premium acrylic sheets in combination with Dibond ACM.

Saroj further mentioned that in addition to shop front signs, Sai Advertising has been taking care of other promotional signage projects of Jewellery Garden. It included the rooftop signage (cut letters) and outdoor billboards, which are produced using an Allwyn printer and imaged on Starflex media. Biswajit Karmakar, Manager, Jewellery Garden, said Sai Advertising has done an amazing job for them.

Kamdhenu MPJ Jewellers, Durgapur

Another landmark jewellery shop in Durgapur is Kamdhenu MPJ Jeweller, located in the city’s cosy City Centre. This jewellery shop sports a simple but recognisably attractive shop front signage. Durgapur-based Innovative Signage is the creative player behind this signage project. The channel letters were designed and created using 3mm thick acrylic mounted with special colour and white vinyl media.

Raj Biswas of Innovative Signage stated that they used some galvanised sheets to create the shop front 3D letter signs of Kamdhenu MPJ Jewellers. The letter signs are installed in both interior and exterior spaces of the jewellery shop. He also mentioned that the channel letters have embedded ADS LED modules which are water proof and guaranteed for longer life than any conventional products and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Abhishek Soni of Kamdhenu MPJ Jeweller appreciated the work of Innovative Signage, saying the shop front makeover eventually elevated the look and impression of the shop to another level—indeed a level that was unforeseen and exiting.

Lakhi Babur Dokan Jewellers, Asansol

Another jewellery front-shop signage work of Kolkata LED Board is spotted in a narrow by-lane of Asansol. It’s the small and compact Lakhi Babur Dokan Jewellers which is donned with stunning shop-front 3D letter signs that make the gold and diamond store shine among other outlets on its left and right. Rajiv Rao of Lakhi Babur Dokan Jewellers said they feel like getting into a brand new start after adorning with the shop front letter signs.

Bilal Khan of Kolkata LED Board said that the cut-letters are custom-designed by them and trimmed using an Accutek bending machine, which is highly automatic and designed for sharp precision bending. The letters are mounted on weather-resistant ACP boards installed just above the shop entrance. In addition, the company also made flex banners produced with Roland VersaUV LEC2-640 large-format printer for other graphics used in the shop.

Bilal stated that their client (Lakhi Babur Dokan Jewellers) was quite ecstatic with the result of the project, which turned out to be more stunning than they expected. He mentioned that the credit must go to the seven-member production and installation team of Kolkata LED Board.

New Anandi Jewellers, Asansol

Yet another store-front signage project by Durgapur-based Roop Signage has recently been executed for New Anandi Jewellers for face-lifting and branding the shop’s entrance with 3D signs. Roop Signage actively operates in Asansol as well as Durgapur. On the works and machines they used in the project, Ranjt Das of Roop Signage said they crafted the steel letters for New Anandi Jewellers at one of their partners in Kolkata.

The 12-inch high steel letters were cut and crafted on a high-precision Mehta Gloria X Series laser fibre metal cutting machine. In addition to the 3D letters, Roop Signage involved in printing, fabrication and installation of outdoor uni-pole promotional banners around Asansol and some other cities and towns in West Bengal.

Ranjit mentioned that the outdoor banner graphics of New Anandi Jewellers were printed using an Allwyn printer on Pioneer flex. He further said they have so far produced more than 200 banners installed around Asansol and other neighbouring cities and towns including Durgapur. Anant Sarkar of New Anandi Jewellers said the store-front signs finally help them stand unique amid the crowd.

Rajlakshmi Jewellers Gold, Durgapur

Uniquely located on the Railway Road in Durgapur, Rajlakshmi Jewellers Gold is a one-stop solution for all types of jewellery items, including luxury watches for both men and women. The three-storey building of the jewellery shop stands as if an iconic tower in the Durgapur market, adjacent to Railway Station, pulling attention of every passer-by. Attention-pulling element of the three-storey shop building of Rajlakshmi Jewellers Gold is the way it has been branded with stunning wall graphics and channel letters.

Well, the attention-pulling signage works of the Rajlakshmi Jewellers Gold’s building is yet another remarkable execution of Kolkata LED Board which is known for a string of such shop-front projects around Durgapur and Asansol. Bilal Khan of Kolkata LED Board said the challenging part in the project was the use of mixed mediums and diverse technologies in both cutting and printing.

3D letters mounted on the store front of Rajlakshmi Jewellers Gold as well as on the rooftop of the shop’s adjacent building which were crafted on fully automated Accutek machine. Company logo and other graphics on the front face of the shop were produced using Roland VersaUV LEC2-640 large-format printer and Allwyn solvent printer. One of the wall banners, though a short-term application, measured around 20x30ft.

Sri Sai Jewellers, Asansol

Established barely around eight years back, Sri Sai Jewellers emerged as a new player in the gold and diamond jewellery market of Asansol. Over this short span, the shop however has earned its popularity in making and supplying diamond jewelleries in the city. Today, this small diamond and gold jewellery shop is known vastly to general public for its products as well as outlook of the store sporting an attention-pulling shop-front signs well designed and installed by Roop Signage.

Ranjit Das, Proprietor, Roop Signage, said Rahul Burman, owner of Sri Sai Jewellers, approached them to facelift the store with something innovative and influencing. Knowing the elegance and outlook of the store, the production and execution team of Roof Signage used sleek acrylic 3D letters designed with a suitably chosen colour and texture. They mounted it perfectly on premium quality weather-resistant ACP boards.

On the perfectly trimmed 3D letters, Ranjit said it’s an outcome of a K-Bend (K-4000) machine installed in one of their sign making partners in Kolkata. He added that the shop front makeover eventually changed the overall impression of Sri Sai Jewellers and now known to the public or its new look. It’s rather recognisable amid the crowd than it was before, observed Rahul Burman.

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