GMG releases two updates—GMG OpenColor 3.0 & GMG ColorProof 5.14


Colour experts at GMG have launched two powerful updates that will redefine colour proofing. The newly released GMG OpenColor 3.0 and GMG ColorProof 5.14 are designed for packaging and graphic arts markets. First and foremost, the new GMG Spectral MX Color Engine provides spectacular performance gains: the proof profile calculation is up to 15 times faster, the profile quality is improved, and the profile size is up to 90 percent smaller. The higher-resolution MXN profiles lead to better colour matching between proof and print, hence optimise print approvals in the packaging supply chain. In an industry where speed, volume, and efficiency are paramount, the advantages are obvious. A new feature is the LAB-to-spectral conversion technology in GMG OpenColor.