MIMAKI develops its first direct-to-film printer & heat transfer pigment ink


MIMAKI USA has launched its first direct-to-film (DTF) printer—TxF150-75 and heat transfer pigment ink—PHT50 for DTF. Targeting textile and apparel printing applications, the shipment of these products will begin soon. DTF printing is a method that has become widespread in the textile and apparel industry, particularly in the wearable printing market, often used in T-shirt printing. The TxF150-75 is an inkjet system with a maximum printing width of 80 cm (31.5”) for producing DTF print transfer sheets. Meanwhile, the new PHT50 heat transfer pigment ink made for DTF applications consists of five colours (CMYK and white), and is scheduled to obtain the ECO PASSPORT certification by the end of March 2023, which is essential for meeting the international safety standard for textile products—OEKO-TEX.