Lisco installs ThunderJet AC1601S at Kalpana Associates in Guwahati


Guwahati-based Kalpana Associates has upgraded its production facility with the latest investment in a ThunderJet AC1601S eco-solvent printer. Lisco Systems installs the entry-level eco-solvent system through its regional channel partner AM (Aspiration Machineries) in Guwahati. “ThunderJet AC1601S is a versatile printer to enhance our print capability for newest applications,” says Pranjal Das, Proprietor, Kalpana Associates.

Established in 2010, Kalpana Associates boasts a production team of 11 sign making professionals who handle the overall printing and production process till the fabrication and final installation. The team works extensively all over North-East India for projects of big brands like Sony, Samsung, Chick Chilly, The Sweet House, among others. The newly installed ThunderJet AC1601S is equipped with EPSON DX5 printerhead and seamlessly prints both indoor and outdoor graphics at 17.7 sq m/hr. Yatinsinh Vaghela, Director, Lisco Systems Private Limited, says they (with AM) are scaling up installation base in North-East India.