Mumbai outdoor switching to digital LED boards

Sonal Khurana
Sonal Khurana

Outdoor flex boards in Mumbai will soon be a thing of the past as the city is witnessing mass increase of digital LED boards replacing the typical flex displays. This is indeed a new paradigm shift in the city’s outdoor signage landscape. We all know and aware of the hazardous effect of flex material which is commonly used in printed billboards. Replacement of such flex-based outdoor signboards with digital LED boards is ideally a sustainable, inclusive and people-friendly development.

Digital LED board is a new marvel in the outdoor signage scene. Mass adoption of this digitised display solution over the traditional or obsolete medium of flex-based outdoor signage displays in Mumbai is about transformation of the face of city’s outdoor displays. In many ways, these digital LED boards are far more advantageous than any other usual flex signboards we normally found on roadsides or around market places or shopping malls.

‘Dynamism’ is another advantageous feature of digital LED boards. Unlike the flex boards, which are static with very limited display options, digital boards are dynamic, vivacious and visually attractive. In a way, smartness of a smart city can be complemented only with such dynamic technology, which would totally be different from flex graphics that need to be printed, transported, mounted and dismantled at the end of the display tenure.

Moreover, digital LED boards deliver greater transparency over any other static printed banner. These dynamic digital display solutions have added potential of programmatic contents for advertisers. Its contents are animated, attentive, and reachable with impactful metrics for all sorts of promotional signs. As the world’s OOH market is projecting annual growths, sky will be the limit for the growing prospects of digital LED signage systems. After all, this is a new business opportunity for fellow digital sign board makers.

Yet another positivity which Mumbai had recently witnessed for the industry was the city’s hosting of the 50th Grand Edition of Media Expo that got a grand reception with record-breaking attendance of more than 19,000 trade visitors from all over India and 25 overseas countries. The spirited crowds of visitors and enthusiastic exhibitors on all three days of the expo signified the revival of the industry in the post-pandemic period.

Our regular Region Exclusive column in this issue has Indore as the focused region. As we all know that this one of the incredible cities of Madhya Pradesh is home to some good old signage companies. We are fortunate to meet them in person and report their inspiring stories. Read inside and enjoy!