Sharp NEC launches LED display series digital signage


Sharp/NEC announces the launch of FA and FE Series, the newly launched Direct View LED displays which feature next generation durability and use the latest flip chip technology to deliver contrast and brightness to its digital signage customers across retail, transportation, museums, public spaces and more. Using the latest COB (flip chip) Multi-Colour LEDs, instead of the traditional SMD, the NEC FC Series’ durable design enable the screen to withstand damage by being anti-collision, anti-electrostatic, anti-water drop, as well as dustproof. COB technology of the newly launched Direct View LED displays help the displays deliver reliable and stunning imaging for demanding environments while significantly minimising the chances of damage in high-traffic spaces where a number of different scenarios can disrupt video wall performance. The NEC FC Series is 20 percent lighter than its predecessors and includes similar chassis and components as the FA/FE series.