Mehta Cad Cam marks 100+ installations of Crown, Prince & Sino printers with SEIKO printheads


Since the launch of Crown, Prince and Sino, Mehta Cad Cam has successfully installed more than 100 of these versatile solvent printers with SEIKO printheads across India. Each printer with 3.2m printing width is equipped with 6, 4 (or 2), and 2 SEIKO printheads. They can run at the speeds of 3600 sq ft/hr, 2400 sq ft/hr. (with 4 Seiko printheads), and 1200 sq ft/hr as Crown being the fastest solvent printer in India. These printers are designed for a wide range of printing applications, such as banners, wallpapers, etc.

Mehta Cad Cam is always committed to quality, which can be clearly seen in high-quality key components the company used in manufacturing these printers. Installation of more than 100 Crown, Prince and Sino across India is the testament to the company’s commitment towards meeting growing demand of India-made solvent printers. A team of more than 800 well-qualified professionals, 22 branch offices across the country and a strong distribution global network support the same. Apart from these solvent models, Mehta Cad Cam boasts other ranges of eco-solvent, UV flatbed and UV roll-to-roll printers with different specifications which customers can choose from as per their needs. To know more about Mehta Cad Cam’s solvent printers and other range of printers, visit the company’s Stall F-10 in Hall 1 at Media Expo 2023 Mumbai.

Products Highlight

Mehta Cad Cam machines tick all boxes of diverse applications

Mehta Cad Cam has always been innovative in developing new printers as per the market needs and filling the gap between what is available and what is needed. The company presents a complete range of printers with different specifications & technologies to the needs of diverse applications for sign makers and PSPs.

EMICO: This newly launched EMICO small-sized flatbed features 900x600mm printing area with an inbuilt rotary attachment to print on cylindrical items like mementoes, bottles, glasses, gift items, etc. It features maximum three EPSON i3200 printheads—the first for CMYK, the second for white, and the third for varnish, which are optional. EPSON i3200 printheads gain worldwide popularity in eco-solvent and UV printing with longer life span than its previous printheads like DX5, DX7, etc.

Rasterjet RJ 2513 & RJ 3220: Rasterjet RJ 2513 & RJ 3220 UV flatbed printers are already popular in India and some parts of the world. After the grand success of Rasterjet UV flatbeds, Mehta Cad Cam introduces these second-generation Rasterjet UV flatbed printers with much stronger, heavy duty, heavy weight extruded aluminum beam and T-slot design that gives noiseless performance and longer life span. Even the machine was redesigned, keeping in mind ease of service. Second generation Rasterjet series UV flatbed printers give more accurate and high speed printing.

Raterjet RJ-II 3220 & RJ-II 3220FR: Hybrid flatbed and roll-to-roll printers having working areas of 3.2×2 m, Raterjet RJ-II 3220 & RJ-II 3220FR with roll-to-roll attachments can print 3.2 m (10 ft) media. These printers feature RICOH Gen-5 and Gen-6 printheads.

Rasterjet RJ 2513RL: Fastest ever UV flatbed printer from Mehta Cad Cam, Rasterjet RJ 2513RL is equipped with 9 RICOH Gen-6 printheads arranged in three rows with magnetic motor. This system has been installed at Multi Print India in Bengaluru. This printer is fastest particularly for blackout applications. Owner Lalit of Multi Print India, who is fully satisfied with the performance of Rasterjet RJ 2513RL, commented, “RJ 25213RL prints four times faster than any regular UV flatbed printer with three printheads.”

Rasterjet RJ 3220FR: A larger true flatbed printer, Rasterjet RJ 3220FR is introduced following the enormous success of Rasterjet RJ 2513 flatbed printer RJ 2513FR. This hybrid flatbed has a working area of 3.2×2 ms and a roll-to-roll attachment to print media up to 3.2 m. It features RICOH Gen 5, Gen 6, Kyosera and other printheads. It can also be supplied with a linear (magnetic) motor for higher resolution & speed as RICOH Gen 6 printhead is the best option for high-speed and high-resolution printing.

ENZO: This new UV roll-to-roll printer with RICOH Gen 6 printhead is already popular for its high speed. It can print on a wide range of flexible media, right from flex to the thinnest and stretchable fabric media. Enzo delivers high accuracy printing compared to others in its class. With a pinch roller system it can print upto 10 ft wide media.

Mehta Cad Cam always endorses the phrase, ‘Believe in what you see!’ Since these machines are made indigenously, their prices are under control and affordable as compared with the imported ones.