ITMS appointed as MEAN WELL distributor in India

MEAN WELL has appointed ITMS as their official distributor/channel partner to distribute their range of LED Drivers, SMPS and other products in India. Main objective of the partnership is to combine the product strength of MEAN WELL with the marketing & distribution prowess of ITMS.


Founded in 1982 in Taiwan, MEAN WELL is one of the world’s few manufacturers dedicated to standard power supply products. It is ranked 4th in the global power supply (DC output) makers, according to a report by Micro Technology. More than 10,000 standard MEAN WELL models serve a wide range of industries including LED signage/lighting, automation/control, information/telecom/commercial, medical, transport, and green energy.

Quality and vivid lighting solutions have gained immense importance in the last decade—both in signage as well as general use. In this, power supply is the backbone of all such lighting solutions. Majority of the lighting failure is caused by faulty power supply, which is strong enough reason to put required impetus on the quality of power supply. Additionally, new age & futuristic lighting solutions and automations need to be powered by intelligent power supplies. MEAN WELL power supply portfolio ticks all the boxes of static lighting with high performance LED Drivers and SMPS while making dynamic lighting possible with inbuilt DALI 2 and KNX solutions.

“For lit-sign makers/brands, quality power supply is immensely important as faulty power supply will simply turn off the signage, blacking out its visibility to target audience. Power supply holds even more importance for sign makers as brand signage solutions are generally installed individually at far flung locations for which sign makers need to offer two to five years onsite warranty,” says Sumit Jain, Director, ITMS India Private Limited.

He continues, “Sign makers may save very nominal percentage of overall signage cost by comprising on the quality of power supply but will have to shelve out 10x to 100x of the saving in replacing the faulty power supply onsite, in addition to diluting their confidence. Also, quality of power supply directly impacts the life, output and colour consistency of the lighting source itself.”

For the signage industry, MEAN WELL powers static signage with 12V and 24V LED Drivers and SMPS for outdoor and indoor applications. For digital dynamic signage, MEAN WELL offers 3.3V, 4.2V and 5V SMPS. Performances of MEAN WELL XLG, LPV, APV, ERPF and LRS Series have already earned the trust of many sign makers and owners across the globe. XLG series is five year warranty LED driver for outdoor applications with metal casing, offering 20W to 320W options, both in 12V and 24V variants. XLG Series also has variants with inbuilt DALI 2 mechanism to facilitate automation and dimmability.

LPV Series is two year warranty LED driver suitably designed for outdoor applications with 35W to 100W variants in 12V and 24V, while APV Series offers lower load variants from 8W to 35W. ERPF is rain proof power supply suitable for limited outdoor applications and available in 200W and 400W variants. LRS SMPS Series is suitable for indoor applications, with wide range of wattages from 35W to 600. LRS 12V and 24V are already popular in India in varied lighting applications, while LRS 3.3V is ideal for digital dynamic signage solutions.

With a focus on Indian market, MEAN WELL has set up a factory at Bengaluru to produce LED drivers. With this set up, the company is able to serve its customers in India with more efficiency and promptness.

Now, ITMS will market and distribute MEAN WELL products from all of its fulfilment centres in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Jaipur and Lucknow, and via its strong network of more than 200 resellers. Additionally, in order to expand the network, ITMS will soon be launching e-commerce platform ( where customer can buy most of the MEAN WELL products online with delivery on most pin codes of India.

Headquartered in Delhi, ITMS was founded in 2010. In addition to MEAN WELL, the company is official distributor of OSRAM, 3M, LX Hausys, SRF, SMART LED, VAGUS & ALLSIGN, INKDOT Printing Ink, etc.