FUJIFILM introduces new printheads for aqueous ceramic inks


FUJIFILM Dimatix has introduced STARFIRE 1024 AQMF and AQLF printheads designed for printing on ceramic tiles using eco-friendly aqueous inks. The new STARFIRE 1024 printheads are a high-performance, easy-to-integrate, drop-on-demand product that offers single-color operation at a resolution of 400 drops per inch. The global ceramic tile market is projected to continue its growth and reach about $285 billion in 2025, according to Research and Markets ‘Global Ceramic Tiles Market 2021 to 2025’ study published in June 2021. As a leading supplier of printhead technology to inkjet printing system suppliers in the ceramic tile industry, FUJIFILM Dimatix continues its pioneering development of the STARFIRE printhead to meet the increasing demand for aqueous-based ink chemistries while also maintaining its acclaimed, core technology capability such as ink recirculation.