EPSON launches SureLab D560 minilab inkjet photo printer


EPSON SureLab D560, the latest in the company’s SureLab minilab range, has been designed for a variety of environments including kiosks, studios, retail and events, weighing in at only 7kg and with the compact size of 299 x 350 x 154 cm. Size is clearly no measure of strength though as the D560 outputs 4x 6” and 3.5×5” photo sizes in gloss or luster while also supporting double-sided printing, said a report from EPSON. The D560 also holds 100 sheets of media, is particularly easy to use, and is fast to print with 250pph for 4x 6” images. Part of the reason for this speed and efficiency is that the D560 is equipped with and leverages the same, enhanced 6-channel MicroPiezo printhead and vivid UltraChrome D6r-S dye-based ink technology as the SureLab D1060.