Guess What? Kartar Corp gears up to revolutionise UV enhancement on rigid materials

Amritsar-based Kartar Corporation or Kartar Corp is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in UV print enhancement on rigid materials. The company is all set to launch its indigenously manufactured UV 3D foil printer, which is ideal for diverse UV enhancements for signage applications and beyond.


Kartar Corp is a household name in manufacturing and importing a gamut of CNC routers, letter bending machines and UV flatbed printers. The company is now into a new paradigm shift to revolutionize UV printing on rigid materials for the signage and commercial printing companies. “So far, there have been UV enhancement technologies in the market which are designed for applications only on soft media like paper and fabric. But what we are going to break this convention is the launch of a new UV 3D foil printer, which is ideal for UV print enhancement on any given rigid material like wood, glass, stone, etc,” mentions Charanjit Singh, CEO, Kartar Corporation.

He continues, “Actually, our soon-to-be-launched new UV machine is the first ever technology we have developed. We have never done this before. Basically it’s a new UV technology for metallic kind of printing in different colours—gold, silver, green, blue, red and other textures for print enhancements.” He adds that the signage companies as well as commercial players in the photo lab and packaging segments can grab the innovative advantages of this Kartar Corp’s new UV 3D foil printer.

When is the launch date?

Kartar Corp team
Kartar Corp team

Hargun Singh, COO, Kartar Corporation, reveals that the revolutionary new UV 3D foil printer will be launched soon in a few months or so. “We have been testing the machine for more than a year now. It means we have been developing this technology and the machine is now almost ready. Only the marketing activities are left for us. So, we are sharing the print samples churned on the machine with our customers and others,” he adds.

What are the target segments?

Kartar Corp, which has been an active player in the signage industry for more than 20 years, has manufactured the new UV 3D foil printer focusing on print enhancement of innovative signage displays and such applications. “Innovatively, the machine can be used in every market segment. In this, the signage sector will be our main arena, which has been an area of our expertise for years,” says Hargun.

Hargun further mentions that the new UV system will be compatible with a range of conventional and non-conventional rigid materials like acrylic, glass, MDF, metal, stone and wood. “When it comes to the selection of inks for the UV system, we have prototype inks, which mean the proprietary inks that create the amazing effects you see in the samples we produce now using the machine,” he adds.

Do you want to catch live demo?

The live demo of the soon-to-be-launched UV 3D foil printer at Kartar Corp’s facility is now available for public with prior telephonic appointment. The machine is said to be the perfect choice for signage players engaging in interior and indoor applications. For example, it will help the PSPs engaging in in-store branding and graphic projects in the retail domain—for a gamut of applications such as slim signage, block-outs, POP, POS, etc.

Ideal for indoor and interior applications, this UV 3D foil printer from Kartar Corp will change the way UV technology is used in print enhancements in the signage market.