Cosign’s experience of designing the signage MODULAR SIGN SYSTEMS for India’s central administrative area

Signage solutions have been essential for easing the directional and professional ambience of any property for decades. Understanding the industry for 29 years has offered Cosign the expertise in the how, where, and what of the signage system for a building or premises in question. The company’s recent Central Vista project helped them in putting this ground knowledge to use when they wore different hats to find the right signage system portfolio for India’s central administrative area.


Cosign’s experience with the Central Vista project was exhilarating and overwhelming, but here is how the company tackled the undertaking one step at a time.

Understanding the need

Signage applications are a great way to equip any premises with a sense of direction. The Central Vista is a sprawling beauty, the need of which Cosign pegged with ease. Demand and supply logistics, the right type of signage system, and several other factors were accountable.

Cosign was ready for such consignment with its years of prowess. There were several major and minor signage applications required to be built for the complex for easy directions and functionality.

There were a lot of questions involved in each signage Cosign worked upon. Size of signage, place of signage, maintenance, and even installation of the signage, were to be tackled. Government bodies have a special kind of requirement, demanding efficiency, top-notch delivery, and budget adherence. The visitor experience was another essentiality.

Cosign worked closely with the team of signage design consultants and authorities. The team had a clear idea about the exact signage design they wanted. Cosign’s role was to work with them to understand their vision, thought process, branding requirements, and create the exact product that tells the story behind and serves the desired purpose.

Cosign worked around all such parameters that were to be considered for a smooth turnaround, finessing the general nuances. Here is how they did it!

Noteworthy parameters

Choosing the right signage requires insights into what would be attractive to a wider consumer base. This project being administrative in touch, needed subtleties, speed, and hence, aluminium signage system was the right choice. The noteworthy parameters were not lying in the appearance only but also in durability and convenience. Here is how Cosign zeroed in on the same.

Material selection has always been Cosign’s priority. They try to base their decisions on their knowledge about the wear and tear plus the convenience the material offers. The signage solutions need to appear attractive and provide a great shelf life with negligible perishability constraints. Aluminium works best for signage as compared to other materials such as stainless steel because it is malleable and lightweight. Based on the project Cosign then finalises the thickness of the signage needed.

Aluminium signage applications provide a more aesthetic look, signaling it to be used for more peculiar purposes. Cosign also kept note of the visibility factor, which was the company’s centre of attraction and essential concern. On top of design functionalities, aluminium proves to be more cost-effective, and easy to install or maintain. All the queries, such as design element, placement, etc. are taken care of automatically if the material is on point. And that’s precisely what Cosign did.

Price parity is the key to everything. Cosign instills a thorough understanding of financial modeling while working on a large-scale project. Government projects are tight on budgets so cost modeling was essential while maintaining high-end quality. Cosign diligently worked around the cost competency of the requirement. With Cosign’s unmatched knowledge of the right material, size, and other aspects, price parity was handled with panache.

Market Leadership or market dominance cosied Cosign down, even though the project was too demanding. Cosign exactly knew what they were supposed to take care of. Working together on this with the teams at the client’s end and the sign-maker helped Cosign realise the nitty-gritty of different yet essential aspects; be it timelines, requirements, designing, or finalisation. Cosign’s integrated strategy managed to create a collaborative environment in the administrative building, with its signage solutions adding up to the high valuation.

Stock requirements for these humongous design requirements can be profuse. But not for Cosign! Cosign specialises in providing bulk orders for projects like these. The company was ready with the apt quantity of stock for project fulfillment. Signage solutions need raw material, accurate cutting, and further material handling matters. With such a vast area to cover, the stock requirement needed to be taken care of via perfect dashboard and inventory modeling. The team worked well in advance to procure the right insights and materials in the initiation phase, shaping up the finality of the requirement.

Concluding note

Cosign’s expertise lies in a variety of buildings and premises. However, the company acknowledges that every project needs a hawk-like vision to reach subjective perfection. Undertaking the signage system of Central Vista Avenue was huge but exciting at the same time. Cosign’s different range of products is ideal for any brand, in need of telling a story and leaving a lasting impression on the visitors.