UNI Inks announces ‘Epitome Eco’ eco-solvent grade inks and ‘UNI Di-STAR’ textile ink for Indian market

Digital Ink Solutions at its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Baroda produces UNI Inks—a range of Unique, Uniform and Universal inks, compatibly designed for a gamut of printing technologies. The company announces the launch of new Epitome Eco eco-solvent grade inks and UNI Di-Star textile inks for the Indian market.


 UNI Inks stand for one ink for all printheads, especially for the solvent-based technologies. Initially, the company manufactured only solvent and eco-solvent inks, but the portfolio is now expanded to new inks diverse printing technologies.

Epitome Eco eco-solvent inks

“We are excited to share that Digital Ink Solutions has placed YOY growth in last FY, in spite of the pandemic situation in India. To take our journey forward we are announcing the launch of Epitome Eco—our eco-solvent grade inks for the Indian market,” says Pradipta Chowdhary, Co-founder of UNI Inks.

The ink formulation of the newly developed Epitome Eco inks is based on the R&D (research and development) of Digital Ink Solutions in the company’s ongoing progressive direction and the inks are suitable for all inkjet printheads currently used in the Indian signage or digital large-format printing market. The list includes the popular EPSON DX-5, DX-7 and 3200i printheads.

With high compatibility, UNI Inks are suitably manufactured for all printheads which have pico litre (pL) size of more than 7 pL. With its slogan ‘One Ink for All Printheads’ UNI Inks are going to prove as ‘Universal Inks’. In this respect, Pradipta says they make just one ink suitable for all printheads (up to 7 pL).

New dye-sub inks

“Another announcement we would like to make is that we are coming up with dye-sublimation inks for the Indian digital textile market,” mentions Pradipta, adding that the inks will be with international quality, enriched with vivid colours and vibrancy. The brand will be called ‘UNI Di-Star’, which will be available from the second half of this FY.

Main objective of UNI Inks is to offer the whole gamut of inks for various printing technologies. In this respect, Pradipta says Digital Ink Solutions boasts of a team of committed professionals with their passion to produce inks for all printing technologies and segments with quality and consistency.

Pan-India dealer network

UNI Inks has a vast network of channel partners based in all major cities and towns at pan-India level. “Our network of dealers all over the country is gradually expanding,” says Pradipta, adding that they really happy to the overwhelming response they get from the UNI Inks dealers, irrespective of the fact that they are new in the market.

Pradipta conclusively asserts that they hope the launches of both inks, Epitome Eco and UNI Di-Star, they will able to empower the India’s digital inkjet industry with ‘made in India’ products.