New machines with TOSHIBA Tec printheads at Media Expo New Delhi 2022

TOSHIBA Tec in partnership with TOSHIBA Gulf FZE (TGFZ) has introduced a line of highly efficient inkjet printheads for digital large-format printers. A number of OEMs in India have adopted the highly versatile printheads. Some key exhibitors at Media Expo New Delhi 2022 will launch a handful of machines equipped with the TOSHIBA Tec printheads.


Ever since its arrival in the Indian wide-format printing market in the year 2020, TOSHIBA never failed to participate in all major exhibitions through its partners. So far, some of the leading OEMs and machine assemblers have successfully shown a line of printers equipped with TOSHIBA Tec inkjet printheads in the key signage expos in various cities across the country.

In the Indian market, TOSHIBA Gulf FZE (TGFZ) has introduced three models of printheads—CE4NW, CA4NWC and CF1B Series—which are directly supplied from Dubai. Tried and tested, CE4NW is a widely acclaimed inkjet printhead among the world’s leading OEMs. The printhead is perfectly engineered with 16 level grayscale print mode for production of 53.7mm print width.

Further, with 636 nozzles, CE4NWis a printhead capable to print graphics in 300 dpi resolution. The printhead can run in frequencies of 28.0kHz @1drop, 6.2kHz @ 7drops using oil and UV curable inks in droplet size of 6-90pL.When it comes to maintaining accuracy in dot placement, CE4NW boasts of many advantages, among which is its high jetting velocity as the printhead’s angle of jetting droplet is less than 1mrad. It means the printhead has the capacity as equivalent as hitting 10cm diameter target from 50m away.

In the forthcoming Media Expo New Delhi 2022, which is scheduled from September 1-3 atIndia Expo Centre & Mart (IEML) in Greater Noida, Delhi-NCR, TOSHIBA GULF FZE with its Indian partners, viz. Angel India Cad Cam will launch some new machines that feature TOSHIBA printheads. Anil Kumar, Director, Angel India Cad Cam Pvt Ltd, said they are launching two new machines with TOSHIBA printheads at Media Expo New Delhi 2022.

Anil continues, “We are proud to announce the launch of two new UV printers with TOSHIBA printheads at the expo.” The first model is a 1.6m UV hybrid printer, which is designed to print on rigid and flexible materials like wallpaper, leather, fabric, foam-board, acrylic, metal sheet, etc. for unconventional applications like soft signage, wall graphics, home furniture and others.

The second printer, a 1.8m UV roll-to-roll printer with TOSHIBA Tec printhead from Angel India Cad Cam, to be unveiled at Media Expo New Delhi 2022, is a versatile printer with technical advancements to print on a wide range of flexible surfaces such as fabric for soft signage, SAV, flex, wallpaper, etc.

Chandrashekar Krishnappa from Siare Technologies, mentioned that they have closely partnered with TOSHIBA Tec. He added, “At the recent Media Expo Mumbai 2022, we showcased two machines equipped with TOSHIBA printheads and that was a successful show with good response.”

aTOSHIBA Tec evaluates the ink and provides optimised waveform, with which the printers equipped with the TOSHIBA printheads can achieve great printing performance.CE4NW is compatible with a variety of oil and UV curable inks. Many large-format machine manufacturers in India have garnered the advantages of TOSHIBA Tec’s latest printheads, offering print service providers (PSPs) future proof in business.