swissQprint presents total solution for UV flatbed printing on glass


Comprising the glass option and an adhesion-optimised ink set, swissQprint presents a new total solution for UV flatbed printing on glass. Individually printed glass elements are all the rage in interior design: for kitchen splashbacks, shower and room partitions, glass doors, lift cabin panelling, wall art, etc. For those already providing such services – and others with plans to do so – swissQprint has put together an interesting package: a mechanical solution for an efficient, clean process, supplemented by an ink set for optimum adhesion. A pivoting alignment edge with five steplessly adjustable horizontal stops ensures precise positioning of glass panels on the print bed. The latter is covered by special protective paper that is air-permeable. So the vacuum holds down the media but the paper retains ink printed in the bleed margin. The print bed stays clean, and with the roll-to-roll option the operator advances the paper at the touch of a button. It means short set-up times between jobs.