Mumbai poised to be second home for many signage material suppliers

Branch office of a company is designed to streamline business at its best when exploring the possibility of expanding its activities in new regions. That’s why many leading companies have opened branch offices in Mumbai where they get the chance to garner business to a next level.


Local operation is the key to consider when a company opens a branch office in a new city or town. With their new branches, many companies save time, cut down travel and transport charges with many other advantages. This holds true for Mumbai branch offices of many companies. In many ways, a branch office of a company takes as much work and consideration as the initial one. Business advisers suggest creating a business plan for the second branch just as the first.

Sumit Jain

Yet another company from Delhi, ITMS (Infinity Trade & Marketing Solutions) opened its Mumbai branch last year, amid the second pandemic wave. The company has a network of regional branches and appointed dealers all over the country. “Generally, we see a lot of scopes in organized distribution in the city of Mumbai which instills growth opportunity in western India. To tap this opportunity in a bigger way we are looking for a team of right persons in the right place,” says Sumit Jain, Director, ITMS India Pvt Ltd. Mumbai branch of ITMS contributes 10 percent to the company’s total business volume.

Ashish Bansal

After seeing the growth potential and increasing customer base in Maharashtra, Bengaluru-based Maruti Flex Traders opened its Mumbai branch in 2019. Ashish Bansal, Partner, Maruti Flex Traders LLP, say business potential in the western market is gaining new impetus and their customer base in the region keeps expanding from time to time. The company boasts of a warehouse of 10,000 sq ft and around 20 percent of the company’s overall business volume comes from the Mumbai branch. Maruti Flex specializes in trading signage products like indoor and outdoor advertising media and several tapes like electromagnetic tapes, automobile tapes, and packaging tapes.

Deepak Gupta (L) with a friend

Sun Sign & Technologies (SST), an exclusive channel partner of StarFlex in India, unveiled its Mumbai branch in 2008. “We are a proud distributor of StarFlex media for about a decade and the relationship is growing stronger day by day,” says Deepak Gupta, Director, Sun Sign & Technologies Pvt Ltd. He adds that they open the Mumbai branch to serve their customers from a closer proximity, which eventually saves time and inventory costs. With the joint marketing effort of StarFlex, SST has become the ideal choice of corporate biggies for most valuable outdoor and indoor campaigns.

Dinesh Plastics, which has its main office in New Delhi, opened the Mumbai branch in 2018. They opened the branch office to serve the increasing clients in Maharashtra. The branch office is of 1,000 sq ft in area, with a warehouse of 25,000 sq ft and a well-equipped production facility. A team of 15 experienced staff is the main force behind the success of the company’s Mumbai branch. “Around 20 percent of our total business volume is generated from our Mumbai branch,” says Harish Vij of Dinesh Plastics. Dinesh Plastics is a well-known maker and supplier of LED marker boards, acrylic light box block-out signs, clipon frames, flanges, etc.