UNI Inks stand as ‘One Ink for All Printheads’

With its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Baroda, Gujarat, Digital Ink Solutions is a newly emerged manufacturer of UNI Inks for solvent and eco-solvent printers. The company was founded under the ideology of ‘Make in India’ initiative to offer international standard inks at local levels. ‘We Are Vocal For Local’ says Pradipta Chowdhary, Co-founder of UNI Inks.


Main target of UNI Inks is to offer the whole gamut of inks for various printing segments. However, as of now, the company manufactures only solvent-based and eco-solvent inks. “We are a team of committed professionals and our passion is to drive into the manufacturing, thus our objective to produce inks for all segments with quality and consistency. Now, solvent inks are just one step towards the same,” says Pradipta.

Uniqueness of UNI Inks

As the name suggests, ‘UNI’ in UNI Inks stands for Unique, Uniform and Universal… It means the main mission of the company is to educate customers and end users that UNI Inks is one ink for all printheads, especially for the solvent-based technologies. “There is no need to take the hassle of keeping different inks for different printheads… we make sure that your procurement and stock management would be simple with UNI Inks,” informs Pradipta.

UNI Inks are compatible with all pintheads currently using in any solvent-based printer. It means any printhead which has pico litre (pL) size of more than 7 pL is compatible with UNI Inks. “With our slogan ‘One Ink for All Printheads’ we are going to prove that our UNI Inks are universal. In fact, different inks for different printheads were a myth… and it was purposefully been promoted. We would like to educate our end users that we make just one ink suitable for all printheads (up to 7 pL)… it’s possible!” asserts Pradipta.

In his remark on the equality of UNI Inks which other inks don’t have, Pradipta mentions that they are completely focusing on ‘low odour’ inks (low smell) that have little or no health hazard and environmental impacts. He adds, “Low odour means truly low odour! We have never thought of selling any hazardous product as we actually sell only the range of low odour UNI Inks.”

UNI Inks boasts of a next-generation facility with over 22,000 sq ft of manufacturing plant equipped with a line of high-tech modern equipments for digital inks manufacturing. The plant is capable of handling the production of 1.50 lakh litre of high-grade inks per month.

Vast network of dealers

Currently, UNI Inks has a vast network of partners from all demographics of India. The company’s current network of dealers across the country is gradually expanding. “We keep adding new dealers to our nationwide network from time to time. Actually, we are really happy to the overwhelming response we get from our dealers, in spite of the fact that we are late entrant in the industry,” mentions Pradipta.

Pradipta continues, “Our countrywide dealership network is a mixed bag of major dealers and some small time direct dealers. These small time dealers take care of small cities in any part of India. After all, every dealer in our network is equally important to us. In spite of the variations in their buying patterns, we treat all of them as our close partners.”

UV-cured inks next

Indian customers as well as industry players in the Indian signage and graphic arts market are quite matured now. They are fully responsible towards the well being, safety and sustainability in the industry. “Only request I would like to personally make to our colleagues is that India is capable enough to manufacture a world-class product. If we (India) can make missiles of our won, then why not INKS. Please have a trust on our abilities,” conveys Pradipta.

UNI Inks is now offering only the solvent and eco-solvent inks for customers in India and abroad. The next move of the company is to launch UV-cured inks soon!