EPSON wide-format printers win 2021 Good Design Awards


EPSON has won Good Design Awards for a total of eight products, including the SC-T7750D and SC-P8550D large-format inkjet printers for CAD, photo and POP, and the SC-R5050 and SC-R5050L resin ink printers for wallpaper and large sign production. The Good Design Award began in 1957 as the Good Design Selection System. This year’s EPSON winners included: SC-T7750D, SC-P8550D inkjet printers, Monna Lisa ML-64000 digital textile printer, EP-M553T inkjet printer; SL-D1050 commercial photo printer; and SC-R5050 and SC-R5050L resin ink printer.

Monna Lisa ML-64000 textile printer meets high-brand quality needs. It can directly print on fabrics up to 3.6m wide. EP-M553T EcoTank printer further enhances the environmental credentials of the EcoTank range. The printer is made from about 30 percent recycled plastic. The SD-10 is a highly accurate, compact, and affordable colorimeter equipped with a MEMS Fabry-Perot tunable filter developed by EPSON. SL-D1050 is a minilab printer. SC-R5050 and SC-R5050L resin-ink printers are for wallpaper and large sign production.