Eastern Signage 2022 to open a gateway to new opportunities in eastern region

Starting the New Year with a bang, latest edition of Eastern Signage 2022 has been set for February 18-20 at Science City, Kolkata. It is considered as eastern India’s most extravagant and largest exhibition on signage, media, advertising and LED. Due to the pandemic there has not been any occasion to organise such a huge event for the last two years or so in the region.


The last edition of Eastern Signage in 2019 had many participants looking forward to the next show and now the exhibition in 2022 is planned with participants from across India. Along with the regular exhibitors there are many first-time participants who are looking forward to long-term business and setting up an office or dealer/distributorship in the region. As the city of Kolkata is the gateway to the eastern region, it pulls visitors from across the region and neighbouring countries.

A confluence

Considering Kolkata is the central hub and gateway to countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal as well as the Indian states like Jharkhand, Assam, Bihar, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh and Orissa, the expo is prepared to see a huge turnout in term of participation and visitors. As there has never been an opportunity for an exhibition to be held on the eastern side of the country, since the last expo in 2019, the organiser DBS International looks towards hosting one of its largest and most extravagant exhibitions.

DBS International is one of Kolkata’s leading and pioneering companies in organising exhibitions and conferences since 2009. The company is known to provide opportunities as well as the foundation in terms of joint ventures, investments and sharing of ideas. With 13 years of experience, the company has handled and organised various events for major sectors like media, government, business, academia and many more. Taking into account the sheer number of individuals involved, DBS International ensures that the event proceeds safely and complies with necessary standards for a smooth and successful operation.

Explore east

Kolkata has been reaching remarkable progress on the Indian business map and has been considered progressive in terms of investment. Eastern Signage is an exhibition that deals with the manufacturing and production of ACMs, LED products and various signage & graphic arts applications. Though it has been considered to be a booming industry, there have been very few opportunities presented for the eastern region to take part in any signage, media, advertising and LED exhibitions. The turnout of business visitors across the region makes the event successful.

DBS International supports participants in terms of design, or any requirement regardless of where in the country they might be located. With the state-of-the-art equipment and skilled employees, the company has carried out various works for many leading companies within the private sector and others. On the other hand, the company also works with small companies that are looking for the best within the field.

A middle ground

Based on past experience, the signage industry is one that has been growing on a steady basis over the years. Not only does this make it more competitive, it also showcases future growths in terms of capital and investment. However, there has been a certain level of stagnation within the semi-urban and rural areas. This can be attributed towards lack of information, be it verbal, print or digital about the sector. To help overcome this matter, Eastern Signage 2022 provides the middle ground for eastern countries to share, visualise, perceive and adopt new ideas and technology that will further help the industry grow. Being exclusive, with and international front as an added bonus, Kolkata is opening its doors to a lot of neighbouring countries.

In regard to those participating, Eastern Signage 2022 is expecting many companies with serious mind set towards doing business and looking to be highly successful in their objectives. Likewise, invitations are sent and will bring visitors who are waiting to experience new products and services. As businesses in media, signage, advertising and LED sectors have seen increase in outdoor advertising and digital signage applications, this expo acts as the foundation and backbone to boost communication among those within the sectors.

First-hand experience

Being held in Kolkata also encourages those from the industry that are within the city to expand their knowledge and style. Apart from helping them grow, this first-hand knowledge will also encourage more individuals to join the industry. The upcoming expo with be showcasing major talents within the industry, with eco-friendly solutions, state-of-the-art technologies as well as UV applications. As time moves ahead, so does the industry, meaning it is necessary for one to keep up with what is new in the market. What better way to do so than to have a first-hand view and experience of it?

Though the expo will be held on a large scale, major precautions have been set in place for full safety and protection of participants and visitor during this pandemic period. This will allow more individuals to attend without having worry about COVID-19, ensuring that they are safe at all times. The exhibition will be held in air-conditioned halls that have ample of space, facilities and amenities to ensure it runs smoothly.

Great expectations

As the dates of the exhibition draw closer, so the amount of buzzing and excitement around it. The Eastern Signage 2022 will set the stage with a large turnout being expected and this will be a major opportunity for the industry to grow further, in terms of financial and technological gains. This way, the signage industry is looking forward to a bright future as it is always changing. New ideas, designs and productions lead towards a period where Kolkata and the eastern coast will be able to branch out and reach new heights within the signage industry.