Youngsters thrive in taking business to new heights

Businesses initiated by parents or elderly members of the families are the pride, identity and future dreams of younger generations. In the current signage and graphic arts industry of India, young generations are now pulling up their shocks to involve in family businesses and they are well prepared for productive contributions. Listen to what they tell Sign & Graphics about their new steps.


Now that a lot of conventional ways of sign making and printing technologies are getting outdated through changes in time and tradition, we as youngsters or new generations must have the mind to come out with fresh ideas, innovations and new business models to flourish the industry.”

Aditya Dadu

S/o MS Dadu
Apsom Infotex Ltd
Noida, UP

It has been almost four years for me to be involved in Mehta Cad Cam Systems. I have learned a lot from dad and trained myself in terms marketing models and product knowledge. Now, I am looking forward to contribution my share of marketing strategies to the business.

Raj Mehta

S/o Shailesh Mehta
Mehta Cad Cam Systems Pvt Ltd

Either in business or academics, there is room for younger generations to take part with modern ideas and forward looking thinking. We as new generations must learn from our elders and contribute our share to help them when they require us. This is what I panning to give to my father’s business.”

Rahul Arora

S/o Sunil Arora
Roop Sign and Graphics Private Limited
New Delhi

I am now pursuing my MBA. After the completion of my study I would definitely join my father’s business. I come to know that the signage and display solutions market is gradually expanding with ultra modern machines and technologies. I love to be part of it.

Devshree Sharma

D/o Dinesh Sharma
Dinesh Plastics
New Delhi

Now, I am in a very early stage of learning—learning about the industry, market, products, people and services. During the lockdowns I did a kind of R&D on our products. For example, I came to know about Brother GTX T-shirt printers. Likewise, I will learn to lead the business someday.

Shaurya Negi

S/o Girvir Singh Negi
NEGI Sign Systems & Supplies Co.

My first impression of the industry is the graphic innovations which many materials, machines and lighting components can create. This is the area I would like explore and take part in my dad’s business for what we new generations can contribute to it.

Dixit Kalra

S/o Rajiv Kalra
Satyam Plastics
New Delhi

I have involved in my father’s printing business for some time. But what it makes me so enthusiastic about this industry is the new machines, materials and technologies that keep inventing from time to time. These are what I am learning and attempting to master it with little help from my father.”

Rajeev Sharma

S/o Rajesh Sharma
RK Signs
New Delhi

It’s too early to decide what role I will be playing in my father’s business. But I will do something productive, innovative and young mind-oriented contribution that can take the business to a totally new level of growth. This is what I am thinking now.

Shubham Sharma

S/o Dinesh Sharma
Dinesh Plastics
New Delhi