Mehta Cad Cam increasingly expanding client base


Having been constantly delivering its range of machines to companies in far and near corners of India, Mehta Cad Cam Systems never fails to expand its client base, even in the pandemic time. Here’s a list of clients which have recently installed Mehta’s Gloria Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, EVA laser engravers, HT channel letter bending machines, Mehta CNC routers and Gongzheng solvent & eco-solvent printers.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, Mehta Cad Cam boasts of its nationwide branches and a strong dealer network covering the overseas markets as well. The company manufactures a line of globally acclaimed machines in its own plant and some are imported. Listed below are some installations excerpted from the company’s long list of installations that have taken place in the last couple of months or so.

Gloria fiber laser cutting machine

Providing the best range of GloriaCX Series, Mehta Cad Cam has proven a new standard in fibre laser metal cutting with these CNC routers. Some companies which have installed the cutting systems are based in Vadodara, Gujarat (CX-1530-TC-2000R); Ahmedabad, Gujarat(CX-1530-1500R); Vadodara, Gujarat (CX-1530-1000R), etc.

EVA CO2 laser engraving & cutting machine

With foot-mounting legs so that there is no vibration, EVA can be adjusted on zero level. This machine is provided with heavy duty compressor which has air-assist combining adjustable focus systems in coaxial jet air to prevent cutting edge from burning down. The companies that have installed the laser engraver & cutter include the ones based in Indore, Madhya Pradesh (EVA II-43t); Giridih, Jharkhand (EVA II-43); Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh (EVA II-43); Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh (EVA II-43); Agra, Uttar Pradesh (EVA II-32), among others.

HT channel letter bending machine

Mehta Cad Cam in collaboration with Shandong Hightech Industry Co has formed Mehta Hightech Channels LLP to produce a range of versatile HT channel letter bending machines. Over the last few months a number of companies have invested in Hightech-HT1 machine, which is designed to bend all types of aluminium channels including Flat Aluminium, Trim Cap, Single Edge, Channelume, etc. The companies which have adopted HT 1 are based in Nagpur, Mumbai, Bharuch (Gujarat), Ahmedabad, Jodhpur, Muzaffarpur (Bihar), Yamuna Nagar (Haryana), Ranchi, Kanker (Chhattisgarh) and Jagdalpur (Chhattisgarh).

Mehta CNC routers

Mehta EX, EZ, LX, RX & GX Series of CNC routers are widely accepted machines compatible with wide varieties of rigid materials. Recently, a number of landmark installations of the machines took place in different parts of the country. The cities where dwelled the installers with the new Mehta CNC routers they have adopted are: Rajkot (EX-1325); Kolkata (EZ-1325); Vasai (EX-1325); Ahmedabad (LX-1325V); Kalol, Gujarat (RX-1325V); Mumbai (RX-1325); Jaipur (EX-1325); Ahmedabad (EZ-1540V); Bengaluru (EX-1325); Rajkot (RX-1212); Sumerpur, Rajasthan (EX-1325); Athani, Karnataka (RX 1325); Nagpur (LX-1325), Kota (EX-1325); Lucknow (EZ-1325); Kolhapur (RX-1325); Morbi (EX-1325; Moradabad, UP (GX-1318V); Jaipur (EX-1325); Nagpur, (EX-1325); Sirsa, Haryana (EX-1325); Bikaner (RX-1325); Kalol, Gujarat (RX-9012), Kalol, Gujarat (RX-9012); Kolkata (EZ-1325); Ahmedabad, (EX-1325); Mandsaur, MP (LX-1325); Jodhpur (RX-1325); Bengaluru (RX-1325); Bhojpur, Bihar (EX-1325); Kolkata (LX-1325), Chennai (RX-1537); and Yamuna Nagar, Haryana (EX-1325).

In the overseas, two trusted customers of Mehta Cad Cam in Kuwait and Sharjah have upgraded their facilities with Mehta LX-1325 CNC routers.

Gongzheng solvent & eco-solvent printers

Gongzheng systems in the portfolio of Mehta Cad Cam are best-in-class highly economical printers, capable to deliver high-textured graphics at high speed over 110sq m/hr for outdoor billboard. Some of the companies which have installed the versatile printers are from Noida, Uttar Pradesh (GZC3208GA); Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh (GZM3202SG); Kolkata, West Bengal (GZC-3202SG); Lakhisarai, Bihar (GZC-3202SG); Madurai, Tamil Nadu (GZH3206SG); Ahmedabad, Gujarat (GZC-3202SG); Nagpur, Maharashtra (GZC-3202SG) and others.