osram brings LED SIGNAGES to successful conclusion

—Simply & Efficiently!


OSRAM, one of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers, boasts of a comprehensive range of Signage LED modules, drivers and controls designed perfectly in terms of warranty, colour temperature and IP Rating. Nitin Saxena, Sales Director–Asia South & Australia and Shishir Jain, Head Signage Sales–India, OSRAM Digital Systems, talk to Sign & Graphics about the company’s diverse verticals, emerging trends, new product development, current signage product portfolio and challenges they face during the pandemic.

Sign & Graphics: Could you elaborate on OSRAM Digital Systems?

Nitin Saxena: OSRAM is one of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers. The company was established in 1919, headquartered in Munich, Germany. OSRAM utilises the infinite possibilities of light to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities. Digital Systems is one of the many verticals of OSRAM. We enable you to bring all your LED projects to a successful conclusion –simply and efficiently.

We offer a broad range of components from a single source–LED drivers & modules (for General Illumination & Signage applications) and LMS/Dynamic Solutions (Light Management Systems). The deliverables comprise systems for every type of LED luminaire and nearly every application – office, retail, hospitality, signage, architectural, industry, outdoor, human centric lighting and many more. With the upcoming transformation towards digital lighting and IoT, OSRAM DS is a sound & reliable partner; developing and delivering communication modules, smart control gear, sensors and cloud solutions.

S&G: Is the business of OSRAM affected during the pandemic?

NS: It’s not possible to name an industry that hasn’t been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic in one way or another. Since the outbreak began last year, major disruptions have created ripple effects with significant consequences for businesses of all kinds. While some segments have taken the major hit such as hospitality, retail, entertainment, etc., certain few segments managed to be at the right end of the stick like healthcare, logistics, segments enabled by the online platforms, etc. However, the overall situation had been more uncertain last year than now with businesses like lighting bouncing back with more confidence having been accustomed to the new normal ways.

As compared to last year, OSRAM Digital Systems is seeing rise in the global as well as Indian business with halted and new projects getting back into action. However, the industry is still facing a big challenge in maintaining cost position as steep rise in seen in raw material prices due to higher logistics expense & component shortages.

S&G: How do you look at the signage business?

NS: The signage business in India is one of the most evolving segments with remarkable scope. Especially with the retail industry focusing on expanding and investing considerably in advertising and marketing, the market is expected to witness significant demand for the period 2021-26. Also, with the ever-rising need of companies to expand their footprints and visibility, the backlighting and advertising market is highly competitive. The growing technological advancements in material and display call for a complete lighting solution provider which can offer tailored backlighting solutions with the highest specifications and reliability.

Sign & Graphics: What are the emerging trends in signage LED segment?

Shishir Jain: Well, signage LED is a very dynamic segment which keeps on changing and evolving with new innovations, applications and requirements. In general, I foresee a few emerging trends. The most prominent one is that the signage displays are getting slimmer, hence the need of the hour is to develop products which work with precision and uniformity in slim display systems. In such cases, optics become very important. Another visible trend is customers going back to 6500K colour temperature. Customers had started shifting to bluish tone light (8000K, 10000K or higher CTs), but lately I observe a clear preference for 6500K. And that’s good for customers since 6500K gives a premium look to the brand.

S&G: What are your views on 12V vis-à-vis 24V systems?

SJ: Currently, the signage module market is dominated by 12V system. In my view, 24V system has a clear advantage over 12V system in terms of less voltage drop, higher lumen efficacy and it opens the door towards SMART Signage applications which can effectively bring down the operational cost. Going forward, we may find the market shifting to 24V system, however, it will still take some time.

S&G: What challenges do you see in terms of new product development?

SJ: Looking at the current scenario, the key factor is cost optimisation while developing any new product. We need to continuously strive for various ways and means for offering cost effective solutions without any compromise on quality, so the role of R&D becomes very important. Also, providing high lumen efficacy products should be one of the main goals of any product development activity.

S&G: Can you please brief about the current signage product portfolio of OSRAM?

SJ: We have a comprehensive range of modules and drivers in terms of warranty, colour temperature and IP Rating. Moreover, OSRAM signage product portfolio is not limited to only modules and drivers. Apart from signage, there are various other backlit applications and branding elements for which many other OSRAM Digital Systems products can also be used. There is a wide range of indoor and outdoor flexible strips, rigid bars, cost-effective indoor drivers, front-lit modules, edge-lit modules, surge protection devices, etc., which effectively cover all types of customer branding needs.