Return of physical shows will give new boost to the industry

Sonal Khurana
Sonal Khurana

When will the physical shows make a comeback?—we keep asking this question for a long time. Today, we found the answer! The market is opening up and we all see popular trade shows are returning to physical formats in all their glory with enthusiastic host of exhibitors presenting lines of new products and technologies. The physical shows will bring back the whole new level of showcases and opportunities to network in-person with the peers and industry leaders which we have been missing since the onslaught of pandemic for two years or so.

We all know that the value of in-person interaction and face-to-face marketing cannot be replaced. It means that benefits of physical trade shows cannot be replicated virtually. Virtual trade shows are an effective solution for the time being. However, when it comes to physical trade shows we are used to it and we believe in enabling attendees to physically experience and compare offerings. In physical shows, there is always a unique attention to your brand, product or service, which is a kind of ability to move the visitors by appealing to their sense and emotion through the power of face-to-face connection.

After all, the return of the physical show is extremely valuable and it is indeed the need of the hour. Trade visitors as well as your existing clients always want to see and feel your new offerings. Now, only in the physical shows, visitors will feel more confident in their investment decisions and they may even make their decisions quicker than expected. That’s why we often argue why physical shows and networking events are extremely important in post-pandemic time as we cannot solely rely on virtual substitutes.

Virtual events had been useful to allow networking and business opportunities to continue in the unprecedented times of complete lockdowns. But it failed to replace the physical shows as amount of business deals and activities went down throughout the pandemic times. That’s why businesses must look to the future where physical shows and networking events still have a place. Bringing it back to basics, we’re all human and we are very social indeed. We need to interact and discuss with like-minded industry fellows that we enjoy being around only in physical shows.

In virtual shows, we can connect with anyone, anywhere around the world in just a click, but it doesn’t actually take us to anywhere. There is no denying the fact the virtual events provide you the opportunity of talking to someone on the other side of the world, directly from your living room. But the benefit of speaking to your customer in-person at a physical show when it comes to a sealing business deal is also undeniable.

Now that a number of physical shows have been scheduled to host in different parts of the country, we are excited to get back to seeing one another face-to-face. Hope we all will have a fantastic line-up of activities and networking opportunities allowing us to take full advantage of the ability to meet up and enjoy some of the things which we have missed for a long time. See you there everyone!