GCC launches new LaserPro X500III laser cutting and engraving solution


GCC announces the launch of new LaserPro X500III, a smart choice for laser cutting and engraving which is designed to provide high power wattage for quality cutting and outstanding throughput. The newly launched advanced X500III Pro system has added new features such as one 1.6X beam expander to the solution, which is key to achieve uniformity of line width and spot size. The carriage design of the new laser cutting and engraving system has been upgraded to elevate the quality on X500III Pro. The vector and cutting quality of the new X500III Pro system is enhanced thanks to an advanced mechanical system, helping users expand market share and meet customers’ expectations. It features spacious working area 1300 x 916 mm. It is available in in 100W, 130W and 150W. Its 1.6X beam expander is designed for uniform line width and spot size.