JN Arora Group offers OKI Pro Series printers for boosting personalisation printing to another level

OKI Pro 8432WT and Pro 9541WT are white toner series printers from OKI, perfectly engineered to discover a new level of personalisation in transfer printing for textile, accessories and many promotional items. JN Arora Group distributes these white toner transfer media printing systems across the country.


It’s time for accelerating the business of those engaging in toner transfer printing or screen printing to a next level with OKI Pro 8432WT and Pro 9541WT—two compact and cost-effective OKI Pro Series printers from JN Arora Group. These two printers are designed to empower users to produce attention-grabbing and cost-effective designs and print on a wide range of substrates. The range of applications starts from T-shirt and garment printing up to plastic, metal, POP and window graphics as well as many highly-personalised items.

Deep white decorations

Combining High Definition digital LED colour printing with white toner technology, OKI Pro 8432WT offers media versatility in sizes up to A3 and weights up to 256 gsm. Class-leading performance of the printer in a compact design delivers stunning, solid whites and vibrant colour normally only achievable from expensive production printers.

White toner offers designers, graphic studios, POS manufacturers and a range of other graphic-based businesses, a new flexibility in their printing, proofing and production, enabling them to print in-house what they need, when they need it. In this respect, OKI Pro 8432WT is the ideal choice that prints solid white onto a wide variety of coloured media and can also be printed over other colours to create vibrant transfers for use on dark backgrounds.

Pushing the bar of all traditional CMYK restrictions, OKI Pro 8432WT delivers the prints that match with the design capabilities for T-shirt and merchandising transfers, window graphics and clear film, including a wide range of items right from invitation cards to restaurant menus. This versatile printer is also ideal for short-run packaging and mock-up design concepts.

Precise graphic details on dark backgrounds

On other hand, Pro 9541WT is five-colour and LED printer capable to deliver prints upto 13×52 inches on media weighing from 52-360 gsm. Being the industry first, the printer takes digital transfer and hybrid screen printing in five colours (CMYK+W) on demand. The system integrates single pass, five-colour printing technology and a special toner formula to deliver ‘true’ black and vibrant CMYK colours.

The unique white-trapping feature of Pro 9541WT achieves finer, precise control of white background on non white backgrounds. Unlike other conventional models, the printer delivers graphics in 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution. This is an affordable five-colour digital transfer printer with a low total cost of ownership. It prints brilliant colour, opaque white and true black—all at the same time in a single pass (for transfer/decal printing in reverse)—providing users an additional cost-saving and crisp result with ability to use true black (K) in place of composite black (CMY) and white-trapping feature to achieve finer, more precise graphics and texts with white.

Flexible media handling

When it comes to media handling OKI Pro Series printers are quite flexible to take up varieties of materials. Pro 9541WT is designed to print banners up to 1.3m and irrespective of size, time consumption and cost of production of every job, this model helps users produce high-quality, cost-effective transfers.

JN Arora Group feels the pride of offering OKI Pro 8432WT and Pro 9541WT which are ideal systems that can extend service offering of print shops to capture new customers and increase revenue. These small and compact systems eliminate the need for large investment in conventional screen printingmachines. For details, contact at: Aashish Arora aashisharora@jnarora.com (9810628231), Aishwaray Arora acearora@jnarora.com (9899497597).