Adoption of HP Latex 700W sharpens Xpress Digital Labels to produce whitest white with sharp texts

Hyderabad-based Xpress Digital Labels has boosted its capability to produce outstanding graphic prints with the installation of a brand new HP Latex 700W printer. Supplied by Insight Print Communication, HP Latex 700W is a production printer, one of the latest in the HP Latex family, designed for unmatched versatility with vivid colours and dazzling white.


Installation of the HP Latex 700W at Xpress Digital Labels in Hyderabad (Telangana) is the first delivery the latest HP Latex system from Insight Print Communication which represents world-class brands like HP for signage and décor graphics, Dainippon screen for digital label printing, MIMAKI printers for textile printing, Summa for digital cutting and many others from different verticals. Insight has strong presence in the Indian market and leverage the industry with high quality products & solutions.

In her comment on the adoption of the new HP Latex 700W printer, Sujatha, Founder of Xpress Digital Labels, said that the main reason of adopting the new advanced HP Latex system is to expand the company’s offerings in polycarbonate labels manufacturing. She added, “We were looking for the whitest white with sharp text. Now, HP Latex 700W meets our expectations.”

Xpress Digital Labels is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial and general labels with polycarbonate and other relevant materials. In the process, the company has been closely associating with Insight for more than eight years and its production facility is equipped with a line of HP Latex machines, among which the HP Latex 700W being the latest addition.

“The new HP Latex 700W will allow PSPs and graphic arts companies like Xpress Digital Labels to win big in the highly competitive market. We are getting positive responses of the new HP Latex system from our customers,” informed Ajay Agarwal, MD and CEO of Insight Print Communication.

Ashish Save, Director of Insight Print Communication added that they are also taping new segments to position the new HP Latex 700W in new industries. The new HP Latex range consists of HP Latex 700 and HP Latex 700W which offer ‘white ink’ capability. It is the whitest white ink available on the market that does not yellow over time, enabling print businesses to produce neater outlines and add more contrast to darker supports. Unlike the UV white ink, white ink delivered by the HP Latex 700W is glossiest white ink.

Meanwhile, updated printheads in HP Latex 700W feature more nozzles capable to run at the speeds of up to 31 sq m/hr (332 sq ft/hr), allowing the HP Latex 700 and 700W to offer 40 percent higher productivity levels compared to previous HP models. Print jobs executed on the new HP Latex 700 Series will deliver with vivid colours and finer image and text details, even at faster print speeds. Operationally, HP PrintOS also enables PSPs to monitor and control their print fleet using a cloud-based interface they can use virtually anywhere, anytime.