Neschen expands Easy Dot green line with new matt PP film


Neschen has announced the introduction of a new version of its successful Easy Dot range of polypropylene films with the ‘dot pattern’ adhesive that eliminates trapped air bubbles and is very easy to apply and remove. The new Easy Dot Matt results on 10 percent less waste and it is a 90 μm primed PP film, eco-friendly, due to PVC- and solvent-free manufacturing. It is dimensionally stable and has dot-shaped adhesive for a bubble-free application for UV-curable inks. With this new UV print PP Easy Dot matt customers can get benefit from a polypropylene film with a very homogeneous surface. The more rigid PP polymer enables using ten percent less material, thus reducing waste. Besides being an eco-friendlier choice, Neschen’s portfolio addition has virtually no shrinkage. The special feature of Neschen‘s Easy Dot films is their extremely easy handling.