GCC LaserPro S400 laser engraver awarded for versatile features


GCC LaserPro S400 Laser Engraver has won the 2021 Taiwan Excellence Award for its versatile features. The laser engraving not only increases speed and throughput by 75 percent but also extends the working area to 101.6 x50.8cm, with Z-axis extended to 27.94cm. GCC designed this machine considering valuable feedbacks from its customers. GCC LaserPro S400 feature both dust protection and easy maintenance. Features: – SmartFLOW Technology creates a perfect air flow to enhance the vacuum effect and bring out the dust completely while working. – Newly gantry design to prevent dust. The easy removable cover also makes maintenance much easier. Incorporates metal panels to protect key components, but not sealing them entirely that they may cause any maintenance difficulties – SmartLID™ – this easy access invention simplifies maintenance.