AXYZ Automation Group launches new entry-level ‘Innovator’ router


Available in two standard sizes—1.2×1.2m & 1.5×2.4m with a gantry clearance of 152mm, AZYZ Automation announces the release of AXYZ Innovator router machine, which is powerful enough to cut aluminium, plastics and hardwoods. It creates higher quality finishes and short lead times. It is ideal for sign and graphics shops as it easily processes 2D and 3D signs in woods, metals and plastics. This entry-level industrial CNC router replaces the legacy Z-Series model, offering a significant increase in performance while including a robust construction and high precision accuracy. AZYZ Innovator has been engineered to include new features, such as a heavy-duty frame with cast gantry legs for added rigidity, integrated servo motors replacing stepper servos for smoother motion and higher speeds, premium helical racks offering a new level of cut quality.