Mehta Cad Cam expands installation base in India and overseas

For Mehta Cad Cam Systems has expanded installation base in India and overseas delivering its range of flagship products comprising EVA-20, EVA-II, EVA CO2, STONA, EVAN and ERICA laser engraving systems, ETAN laser marking machine, Laser wielding machine, Mehta CNC router and Gongzheng (GZN) solvent printer.


Installations of new machines from Mehta Cad Cam Systems have been taken place in all major Indian cities and towns across north, south, east and west such as Allahabad, Dhanbad, Moradabad, Puri, Kolkata, Coimbatore, Chennai, Secundrabad, Kochi, Nashik, Mumbai, Pune, etc. In addition, the company has also installed its machines at overseas companies in Kuwait, Nairobi (Kenya), Bhatapur (Nepal), Sharjah (UAE) and others.

Laser engraving system

EVA-II, one of the popular CO2 laser engraving systems, is a demanding machine in the market. A host of signage and graphic arts companies as well as institutes all over India have invested in this versatile laser engraver. More than 56 installations of EVA-II have made across country in the past few months.

CNC router

Apart from laser engraving system, Mehta LX-1325 CNC router is also in high demand. Mehta Cad Cam has installed more than 45 CNC routers in the past two months.

Gongzheng solvent printers

PSPs in far and near corners of the country have adopted Gongzheng (GZN) solvent printer from Mehta Cad Cam. Recently, the company has supplied more than 28 GZN to PSPs around the country.