Hexis introduces new printable PVC film


Hexis Group has announced the launch of THE200EVO, a premium printable polymeric PVC film with the company’s patented TAKE HEAT EASY technology that’s ideal for large-format surfaces. The company has also introduced the V850B laminate with a thickness of 50 μm. The TAKE HEAT EASY technology is the result of a combination of a solvent-based adhesive and a micro-structured liner developed by our R&D team. This innovation has been specially designed to reduce the initial tack and immediate adhesion, thus making the installation of the vinyl more convenient with an optimal adhesive bonding process. In 2018, Hexis combined this technology for the first time with a THE190EVO cast PVC film. In view of its success, it made sense to now use it on a high-end polymeric PVC film, a source from Hexis said.